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Holiday-related increases in anxiety/depression

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Anyone else here struggle more during the holiday season? I sure do. My depression and anxiety get so much worse around Thanksgiving & Christmas time. What has worked for you to manage holiday-related increases in anxiety/depression?




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I have tried to get very clear with myself what I want to celebrate about these holidays and I have as little contact with other people as possible. It's hard every year.

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I avoid all the problem relatives, and now I enjoy the holidays. I do what I want, with the people I want to be with. And I refuse to feel guilty. They didn't feel guilty about ruining my holidays in years past.
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Yeah definitely me.  I have really been struggling lately with both anxiety and depression and my compulsions are starting to pick up in intensity.  I'm not sure if it's the lack of outside time because it's so cold and dreary and it's a seasonal thing or if it's just holiday related or both but it sucks.  I worry how i'm going to afford Christmas and heating bills and I'm stuck inside the house all the time(the house I despise and can't wait to move from and is the source of a lot of my obsessive thoughts) and those things bleed into other parts of my life and trigger more obsessions.  I'm just sorta surviving and functioning and moving moment to moment trying to distract myself honestly.  That's probably not the correct response though.  lol.  I think my therapist is gonna verbally smack me when I see her this week and tell her actually. lol.gif  I'm trying to keep myself busy with things I enjoy so as not to reinforce the negative thoughts of anxiety.  When depression hits I pull away from things I enjoy so I'm trying to force myself back into them.  Example: knitting.  I haven't spent more than maybe 2 hours in the last 3 months doing any knitting when previously it was at least an hour or two a day.  I've just been uninspired and depressed so I'm forcing myself to set aside 30minutes today during rest time to sit and knit and read a new book and see if I can enjoy some time without obsessions.  I'm trying to make the most of the house I hate with some plants and little holiday decorations with my kids.  I'm planning(because I'm an obsessive planner) Christmas morning with just my girls and I and what we will eat and do and what Christmas music to play.  I'm trying to dismiss money concerns as soon as they come up and instead sit down for a game of Ants in the Pants or read a page or two in my book.  My therapist tells me that the less time I spend on the anxiety and obsessions, the less they will be reinforced and the less they will happen so the name of the game for me right now is distraction.  Minimization.  "I'm having the thought that......"  And now I'm going to go bake some muffins and immerse myself in the process to avoid a negative thought cycle.  Honestly, it's moment to moment.  I'm struggling.  I'll make it through like I always do.  But it's gonna suck until the season passes, the weather warms up, and some of the stresses I'm dealing with right now are resolved and that's a tough thing to deal with.

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I could have written your post.  If I could not show up for my life right now I'd be very happy.   Many HUGS to you!!!

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