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"West Virginia Christian Student Barred From School for Refusing Vaccination"

This is what really disturbs me:

"Deputy Attorney General Barbara Allen told the court recently that if parents refuse to have their children vaccinated, the state should be entitled to “medical power of attorney and forcibly vaccinate them.”



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That's horrific. I'm disgusted beyond words.
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I sure hope it doesn't set some kind of trend amongst other states to do the same..and then one has to wonder, if a child suffers an adverse or fatal reaction, how is the state going to be responsible for it? 

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Sadly, there are plenty of people who believe that. mostly it's "outraged parents" who are mad at selective/non-vaxers. Those kind of people definitely live in the wrong countries, because what they are looking for are dictatorships.

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Everyone has a choice whether or not to vaccinate.  The gov't should not be stepping in to make it mandatory for those who do not with to vaccinate.  On the other hand, choosing not to also means that you will probably have to home school, because most schools require most vaccinations.

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Forced to homeschool because there is no vax exemption? Fine. Then I don't want to pay the portion of property taxes that funds "education." I understand we all must contribute to education because we want to build an educated workforce, but if enough people would stand up and make noise against the socialist system in place and refuse to fund it, it is possible we could change it.

(FTR, we homeschool by choice.)
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