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Bottomless pit tonight

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I know about growth spurts. DD has had them on and off all her life. But tonight DH and I were blown away! 19.5 month old DD is about 28 or 29 lbs and 34" tall. She ate fairly typically during the day. Then just before dinner asked for cheese. DH gave her a small slice. She asked for more but i gave her a couple of pieces of broccoli instead. At dinner she ate a couple of baby carrots and broccoli pieces, some noodles and two whole chicken drumsticks. She ate all the meat and just left the gristle. After bath, she had a hard time settling down and kept asking for more cheese. DH gave her a couple of slices. She wanted more but I asked if she would take banana instead. She said yeah and had a whole one. Still wanted more. I gave her another. She finished it too! eat.gif Finally she reluctantly gave in and started nursing down. I'm just thinking "wowee, that's a lot of food!" So in the couple of hours before bedtime she had: a small plate of veggies and noodles, three slices of cheese, two chicken drumsticks and two bananas. DH totally thought she was just stalling but she ate everything and asked for more. I thought if shes legitimately hungry, she won't sleep well anyways. Honestly I don't know where she put it all - straight gut and hollow leg lol. Does this quantity sound reasonable for a growth spurt? Should I be worried?
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My son went through a few phases when he was eating literally more than I was! He was hungry all the time. It drove me crazy, to be honest.


A few things that helped us:

* Give her a Really Big lunch. Moving the big calorie load earlier in the day will help her digest it a little more efficiently, and also might help prevent hungriness that looks like stalling.

* I got this from a mother of four: pasta with alfredo sauce. It's very fatty and fills them up faster. Fruits and veg just don't have enough calories.

* smoothies with protein powder. see above


Good luck--it does end, I promise.

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Mine will eat 3 fried eggs for breakfast.  AND cottage cheese AND a whole orange AND toast.  It is truly astounding.  32 months, 27 lbs. 

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My toddler is older but she has odd days where she will eat much larger amounts that usual. There's no reason which is obvious to us and she usually goes back to her normal eating patterns the next day.
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