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SPOTLIGHT on lulubikes !!!

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Hey mumma!!

Your up! Add a little intro when you can? smile.gif
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Hey Mamas!


Let's see what should I say? I'm 41 and this is my first baby! I'm so excited to meet this LO, it is hard to be patient... but it is also so surreal to think that in a few weeks (more or less) I'll have a little baby in my arms. Being a mama is something I've always wanted to do, but I was never sure I wanted to do it on my own. I thought about doing it on my own many times and even started looking for sperm donors... but then I realized that for me I really wanted the partner too. But I was getting old to have a baby...


Lucky for me, I met my husband about 1 1/2 yrs ago and it was an amazing whirlwind romance. We fell in love and were engaged after a month and got married after 4 months. I was actually pregnant at our wedding, but that was I MC'd. It is amazing it is like all my dreams for a partner and family have come true in the last 2 yrs. 


My first career was as a civil engineer, then I quit that to become a midwife. I went through midwifery school, but haven't really taken the leap to be a midwife. I assist other midwives from time to time, but I just haven't been ready to take the leap. I'm not sure I will. I am coming to terms with that. It is really about the path/road - it has lead me down many other roads I wouldn't have been on without taking that turn. Possibly even meeting my husband... But starting my own online business selling midwifery supplies (Radiant Belly) is something that while going to midwifery school was not necessary, but it really was the impetus... I have been working part time as an engineer to help pay the bills - but I'm not on 1 year of maternity leave. Really looking forward to being a mom and growing my business. Maybe going back to my engineering job won't be necessary.


Ok, that's probably more than enough to start with. I need to leave you questions to ask!

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smile.gif what are you planning birth wise for this little one? Has your training impacted your choice?

And how did you meet your hubby?
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Where did you grow up?  Who's in your family other than your DH?  

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How long have you lived in Portland?  Do you think you all will stay there?

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What are some of your favorite bike-riding adventures you have had?

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I'm planning a homebirth - we have a waterbirth pool, but I'm keeping my options open. I'll probably labor in water, but will birth as my instincts tell me. My training has definitely influenced my choices. I apprenticed with several different midwives and chose one to be my midwife - and my other midwife is one of my friends who I met in school - we were in the same cohort! Setting up my house for the birth I notice I'm thinking about it from the perspective of what I think I'll want in labor  as well as what I think will work best for the birth team. I've been at homebirths where it is super uncomfortable for the birth team, so I keep thinking about that! Also, it is nice to have a place for the mama and partner (if she wants) to have privacy from the birth team, so that influenced where I set up the tub...


My hubby and I met on a bike camping trip! We each (separately) had recently gotten into self supported bike camping and joined in a local group for a weekend trip. The story is a fun and amazing story, but it's sort of long. I only have a few minutes right now. Maybe I'll tell the long version later. Suffice it to say we hit it off that weekend and had our first date the next week and by the next weekend we didn't spend a night apart for over 6 months!


I was born in N. California, but grew up in Oregon - in a small town about an hour outside of Portland. I left Oregon to go to college (the first time) back in N. California and ended up staying there for 17 years. I always wanted to move back to Oregon and to live in Portland, but didn't actually do it until I decided to go to midwifery school. I moved to Portland in 2006 - so in Feb it will be 7 years! I had never lived in Portland until that point - but I love it! We don't plan on leaving anytime soon! In fact, my folks just moved here to be closer to us and the baby! My hubby's folks are also trying move back here too.


Ok I have to run - have a MW appointment. Will write more later!

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Ok I think the only question I missed this morning was Kate's question about bike adventures... 


I did a three week self-supported bike trip starting in California, starting in Death Valley, going through Mojave Dessert, Joshua Tree Nat'l Park, Salton Sea, Anza Borrego State Park into San Diego - 700 miles total. Self-supporting means I carried all my own gear. I did it with a group of 10 other people. It was an amazing adventure and a huge accomplishment!


I've also done a number of other shorter trips - hubby and I biked down from Portland to the coast and biked South to Florence for a week for our honeymoon.


We look forward to doing bike camping and regular camping trips with our kids! Although, they will be much different... I think we can do it!

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