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 Just wanted to see if there are any moms familiar with this site/topics in Wiesbadden.

Previous posts are old.  I am not in Wiebaden just yet...but due to move there early Jan 2013.



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Hi there :) 

My family and I are moving to Ansbach in Winter 2013. It's quiet here in the Germany forum, huh? 

It looks like you will be about 2 hours away from where we are headed. 


I lived in Grafenwoehr before, and we have decided to move back because we liked living in Europe so much. Are you a military family?

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We moved to wiesbaden 6 months ago! It's gorgeous here but I miss the states!
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We live not far from Wiesbaden near Frankfurt am Main (since Dec. '11) in a more rural area.
I am not very familiar with Wiesbaden. I know some parts are not that nice and it has that small scale city character?
I might not know it well enough though. We spend a lot of time in Frankfurt and it has changed so much since 2007! It does have a LOT to offer, culture as well as insanely modern places, one of the biggest shopping streets I have ever seen with tons of shops, an even larger flea market and also Starbucks at every corner wink1.gif.
If we don't feel like doing city things we spend a lot of time outdoors or traveling.

Hope you will like your stay!
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  Just following up to see if anyone is still looking for friends...playdates.  i am at the Hotel on post...looking for housing.  been here only 3 days.  Have a car and SOMETIMES

a Navi.  One daughter in school, and one preschooler son.



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