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Eating, not growing, Doctor worried.

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My child's pediatrician was concerned at her last appointment at 15 months, as she had not gained a single ounce from 12 months to 15 months.  He actually seemed a little accusatory, and interrogated me on what she's eating, whether she's on whole milk, etc.  She still nurses.  And eats like a pig.  She actually eats more at a sitting than her 7 year old brother.  And keeps bugging for more.  It's ridiculous how much food this kid packs in. 


She is now 17 months, and due back at the doctor in a month's time.  I weighed her on our home scale, so not super precise, but according to our scale she is STILL hovering at 20lbs.  Not gaining.


Granted, she is more active now.  Runs around.  Is getting taller (as evident from the too-small sleepers).  Seems happy and healthy.


I just want to know if anyone has experienced this, and whether it seems "normal" so that I can go to her next appointment a bit more confident. He threw me off my game and really made me feel like I was screwing up somewhere.  Under-feeding her or abusing her or something.  Which is totally out of character for this pediatrician.  I've had him for almost 10 years, and I've never come out of an appointment feeling like a failure of a mother, before.


Any thoughts?

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If she is longer than she IS growing. Did her head circumference increase? Is she meeting milestones, energetic? Any recent illness in which she dropped weight?
My layman's guess is that her new mobility has slowed weight gain. Plus being breast fed she likely bulked up during the first 6-9 months. Is he using the CDC and World Health Organization growth charts? Per scales, our son weighs almost two pounds less on our home scale than professional scale, so ours is not dependable. Dr. Sears website has some helpful info on toddler growth. Being ectomorph in body structure could be a factor. Per the ped's inquiry regarding milk, so long as your child is bf'g no additional milk per WHO's Infant and Young Child feeding: (scroll to bottom)

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Been there. 


Do you have a fairly tall babe?  That could be a contributing factor.


My son was off the growth charts in height and weight for the first 12 months.  He's still very tall, but he did not gain any weight at all from about 12 mos until past age 2.  Pediatrician was a bit surprised, but I didn't worry about it.  I figured the combination of constant energy expenditure and being very tall had a lot to do with it.  He never got sick, didn't look too skinny to me, and eats a good variety of foods (and to be honest, eats almost as much as most adults), so I choose not to worry about it.


As long as your kid seems healthy, is appropriately active, and is still meeting developmental milestones, that's probably what's "normal" for her.   

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A lot of babies/toddlers seem to grow either in height or in weight and then switch. It seems like your LO grew taller. I wouldn't be surprised if the gain in weight happened soon.
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Thanks for the thoughts.  She had JUST started daycare in the weeks before her 15 month appointment, and I tried to point out to the doctor that the bombardment of illnesses (she was sick for a good 2-3 weeks) may have caused her to lose some weight before her 15 month appointment.  Her weight isn't something we ever monitored at home (I don't even own a scale, had to put her on the wii fit, haha) and it had never occured to me to be concerned about her eating habits, because she's a gluttenous pig. ;)  Seriously, she'll eat her entire meal, and then starts grabbing things off our plates.  She's constantly eating.  He had me so freaked out that I was starting to think she had something really wrong with her.  How can you eat THAT much, and not gain an ounce??  But the daycare illnesses were likely a contributing factor.  I told him this, but he shrugged it off and said he'd be keeping a close eye on "the situation."  Gee, thanks for making me feel like the world's worst mom.


She's getting taller, for sure.  I haven't measured her, but just base this on the shrinking clothes. =P 


I guess we'll see if her weight has changed at next month's appointment, and go from there!

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My DD has gone through this pattern a few times. once between 9-12mos appointments, and then again between 15mos & 18mos apts. This  was at 2 different pediatricians offices too and both were only mildly if at all concerned. She was healthy other wise and was growing taller even if by a litle bit. DH is only 5'5", and MIL, & my mom are only 5'2" so it wasnt like she was going to b huge. They said a lot of Drs and parents get so concerned with the % but its if theyre healthy and thriving thats important. Especially if she was sick, Id say not to worry about it.  Like you said if she is active more kids tend to  'thin' out once they're mobile. DD eats better than a lot of friends kids I know yet she barely gains, its just her energy level + genetics. Just keep her healthy and try not to stress. Im sure you're a great mom.

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