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MS helpers?

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The internet seems to be full of so called MS relievers, but for me, I need to hear it from real people. Any tricks out there? I feel pretty fortunate in that I'm not sick every day, but when I am, goodness it's hard to accomplish anything. What has worked for you?


I just heard that lemon popsicles are rumored to work and lime slushies. Have any of you had success with these? What about those preggo pops? I haven't tried them yet. Ginger doesn't seem to be helping much for me at this stage. 

I keep reminding myself that a little discomfort is completely worth the treasure at the end. joy.gif

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My morning sickness was severe enough for 6 weeks that I wasn't functioning without taking Zofran and Phenergan - and even with that, I was just barely able to eat and drink (not even really functioning at all!)


In the last week, I've had what feels more like the morning sickness I've experienced before. Off and on nausea, general 'ick' feelings and aversions.


Eating regularly really does help. Protein as often as you can. Sour candy/drinks really calm my queaziness (Jolly Ranchers are my current thing - but I hate how they make my teeth feel!) Keeping from getting constipated (which means either decaf coffee in the morning, or Miralax in my OJ - until I wean off the Zofran completely, at least) really helps keep me from getting worse.


Some people swear by Sea Bands. I didn't notice anything different. Ginger made me feel worse, I swear...I tried it in many forms, including the capsules.

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I love the preggie pops, but jolly ranchers can almost give the same effect.

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Thank you both! I'm giving Jolly Ranchers a try next. 


Today I tried a lemon slushie for breakfast. It really seemed to help me. 


1/2 fresh juiced lemon

1/4 cup honey

lots of ice 

enough juice to make it the desired consistency


Tasted good, stayed down all day. 


Thanks again! 

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Eating small amounts of protein help me a little. Eat often. I also like lime seltzer water. Had good results with peppermint, I rub some on my belly and also added it to my water. (Young Living oils only).

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