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Questioning my spirituality

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This has been playing on my mind for a while now and so I thought Id see if anyone had any advice please dont take any of this offensively Im just sharing my personal views. I was christened as a baby so technically Im christian (church of england) but its never really spoken to me the parts I agree with are mainly the parts which are common sense - treat others how you would like to be treated etc - so I looked into my own beleifs but dont really know which religion if any they fit into;


- I beleive in reincarnation rather tnan heaven or hell I dont know why but it just makes more sense to me.


- I am a strong beleiver in karma and forces of the universe.


- I dont think there is any one specific god but I do feel that there is a higher power.


Those are the main ones I can think of right now but if anyone has further questions feel free to ask or enlighten me with your own personal opinions.


Thanks for reading :D  

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Just this week, I started reading a book about the beliefs of Wiccans- and it would agree with the points you share.  I am reading "The Idoiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft" or something like that.  I highly recommend checking out that book (because it is an easy read and gets to the point of what you want to know, unlike a lot of Wiccan books that seem to start with an assumption you know certain things already). 


Good luck on your path!

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Oh thanks I forgot about this thread lol I did try looking into pagan/wicca but the information I found was vague because the spectrum of beleifs is so wide and like you said they assume you alrady know things I found it hard to pin down any specific information about beleifs, festivals, celebrations ect...


Thanks for the book reccomendation Il have a look :D

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It's really interesting how one day you can have certain beliefs and other days different things can sing a louder tune.

I recently started thinking more about reincarnation. My ds, nearly 5, has spoken to me in great detail about who he "used" to be. He is able to tell me he had a different family, and many brothers. at least 5. He has always seemed wise, and very grounded. And now I do tend to believe he's been here before.

I think personally I feel I am more spiritually inclined, my father is Catholic and I feel an odd sense of calm when attending church. Even though I don't tend to relate to the religion specifically.

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I like the beliefnet quiz, lol! Also, if you are interested in Paganism, there's a monthly chat for Pagan parents here on MDC: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1369784/december-pagan-family-thread

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