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10 month old baby development

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Hello. I need some reassurance. I want to know if my son is developing right on schedule. He is 10 months and he is not waving bye bye yet. He says Dada all the time but I have only heard mama a few times especially times he was mad. He babbles sometimes but not all the times. Does not say any other words. He responds to his name a lil more than half the time. He does look at things when I point he is happy all the time. He does give me objects sometimes when I ask him. Physically he is right on schedule..please help
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He sounds perfect! My DD wasn't waving until well after her birthday - simply not interested. He has two words and isn't even one yet! That's great!! Babbling is awesome but he has other stuff to work on too so it isn't 24/7. Totally fine. He recognizes his name and follows simple directions when he feels like it. Everything you posted makes him sound completely fine developmentally, possibly even a little early. I wouldn't worry at all. joy.gif
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When did your little one start pointing to objects?? He doesn't do that either:/
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It's compltely normal for babes to not have any consistent words until well after their first birthday, often even after their second birthday. My DS is 16 months and doesn't point at things often. Try not to stress about it! Every child develops at their own pace and if they pick up on their parent(s) stressing out about them not doing something, it often creates more problems.
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Pointing at things came later too, 15ish months or so. Before that she would reach with both arms if the object was really close or just flap her arms and cry and expect me to decipher what she wanted eyesroll.gif
FWIW even at 18 months, drs are just looking for about a dozen words ATTEMPTED, NOT consistently used. He is observing and listening and learning to read faces and sounds. At his age the main thing is making eye contact, being interested in people, smiling, and maybe trying out some sounds. Boys are also a little later than girls in communication on average but he sounds like he's ahead of where my DD was at that age - and she is quite the talker!
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I am sure your Little Dude is just fine and completely perfect!

Little Miss has always been ahead socially and cognitively, but physically?  Not so much...  it hurts when I realize that she is still lagging in terms of size and physicality, but I try not to let myself go nuts with worry.  Little Dude will be just as chatty as anyone else, just give him time. 

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Thank you everyone...I worry about everything blah!!! I think with him being my first I don't know what to expect:/
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Mine says mama mainly when she's mad too. Dada is a happy word and mama is a mad word like during a diaper change. :/

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Little Miss went through a phase recently where she refused to say "Mama" for a week or so, and just as it was really hurting my feelings she fell off her little step stool and as soon as she hit the floor I heard that one magical word.


I'm not proud that I was happy, and I wasn't happy she fell, but, ya'know...  Sheepish.gif

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Maelee passes objects, but if she wants to play "thank you". I give her something, then hold my hand out. If she puts it in my hand I say thank you. Then I directly give hand it to her asking if she wants it. When she does, I say thank you again. She makes a pff sound and I know what she means! ;) Also, if she doesn't want to give it then I say "no" for her. It's funny she usually offers it to me a couple minutes later after flipping it around in her hands.

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My little guy is 10.5 months and he's not waving or pointing at things yet. He actually didn't even start clapping his hands together until a few weeks ago, and he just started handing me stuff a few days ago. I think he's just taking his time with stuff. I'm picking up on him being the type of person (at least so far) who takes a while to warm up to things and likes to observe a lot before he gets involved. When I ask him for kiss or to wave or something, I can tell he's thinking, just not doing it yet.


And yeah, "mama" is just the general "I'm irritated" word, though at times he has said it to me directly, which is the most precious thing ever!!.


I'm not too worried about him taking his time with stuff. I think it's mostly personality and his own little schedule, and I'm sure it's the same with your little one.

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they always say dada first. and they don't even know which one is dada until later it is just easier for them

he looks at things when you point so that is good.

also he smiles at you that is also very important.

kids with autism don't have a social smile and they don't look when you point to share enjoyment

. they don't bring you things to share,
. they don't play with other kids, they play alone and their play tends to be repetitive banging or lining up objects
. they like hard toys, and they throw them , had a truck thrown at me, it was very scary

some kids may have "developmental delays" if it runs in the family, eg a parent may have had a developmental delay. but they are still awesome kids and have their own special talents that they excel in.

also it is important to make sure that their hearing is checked if you are worried because if they have clogged up ears then they can't hear so they can't learn to speak and can't interact as easily

this is what we use in the child development clinic for the assessments

these are just average ages

gross motor
. 6 to 8 months sits without support
. 8to 9 months crawls
. 10 months hangs onto furniture to walk around
. 12 months walks unsteadily
. 15 months walks alone

vision and fine motor
. 4 months reaches for toys
. 6 months grasps toys with full hand
. 7 months transfers toys from one hand to another hand, ie brings things to them midline . including to the mouth.
. 10 months the pincer grip, picking small things up using the finger and thumb together
. 16 to 18minths holds a crayon and makes marks on a bit if paper
. tower building with blocks
. . . three tower lock at 18 months
. . . six tower block at 2 years
. . . tower of eight blocks or a train at 2.5 years
. . . bridge from seeing someone else make it from the blocks . two blocks with a space between and a block on top at 3 years
. . . steps after watching someone make them out of blocks at 4 years
. drawing without copying you
. . . 2 years a straight line
, . . 3 years a circle
, . . 4 years a cross
. . . 4.5 years a square
. . . 5 years a triangle

hearing speech and language
. 3 to 4 months says aaaaaaa aaa
. 7 months turns when they hear a sound
. 7 to 10 months mama dada . at 7 months they are said to anyone and at 10 months they start to link them to the parent
. 12 months they say 3 words as well as mama dada. like drink
. 18 months they can point to 2 bits of their body . eg where is your nose. and they know about 6 to 10 words
. 20 to 24 months they use 2 or more words to make a simple phrase like "give me teddy"
. 2.5 to 3 years talks constantly in 3 to4 word sentences " push me fast daddy"

social and emotional and behavioural development
. 6 weeks smiles at you
. 6 to 8 months puts food in mouth (and all over face smile.gif
. 10 to 12 months waves bye bye and peek a boo
. 12 months drinks from a cup with 2 hands
. 18 months holds a spoon and gets food safely into mouth
. 18 to 24 months symbolic play . eg feeds a teddy
. 2 years dry by day pulls off some clothing
. 3 years interactive play with other kids and they take turns, shares ( autistic kids don't share or take turns

your kids sound adorable smile.gif
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woops double posted
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I freak out like this all the time, and then all of the sudden DD will do the thing that I was just freaking out that she wasn't doing.  So OP, what's the update?  What new stuff is your LO doing?  DD is 10.5 months and just now started pointing at everything.  Now we spend all day saying "that's a bird", "that's a tree" ad infinitum, so be careful what you wish for. :)

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