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Sky-  My friend's DS stopped nursing when she was pregnant (he was about 20mos. and she was about 3/4 of the way through).  He would still lay down and kind of pretend to nurse, but didn't really do anything, and she was dry as well.  After the baby came he was back in the game, and full swing too!  He wanted to nurse almost every time the new LO latched on.  She always has an overabundant supply so this really helped with leakage issues.  So, like Banana said, she may pick it back up!  As far as naps go, is it warm enough where you are yet to get outside in the mornings?  Maybe if you do some wild outside time in the am she'll be worn out and nap later?  When DS was starting to skip naps (but feeling miserable after 3pm without them) I started packing up snacks/lunch and taking him on walks then to the park all morning.  We would eat there and then I would stick him in the stroller and take the loooong way home.  Sometimes he would sleep as long I we were moving in the stroller, then wake when we stopped, but sometimes I could go home and take him out and lay him down for a proper nap.


Good luck and hugs!

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hug.gif thank you ladies... I hope she will pick it up too. I'm just so emotional with this pregnancy
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My 18 mo son is still nursing a bit, particularly in the morning. Yesterday, and it looks like today too, I started having regular contractions while he was doing his early am marathon nurse. Which made me a bit nervous. But he refuses to sleep in the morning without nursing so when I unlatch him, we all have to get out of bed! Has anyone else had this problem while nursing?
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AUvetmom-  When my DS was about that age that was the only way I got to sleep in at all (and I mean until 7 am or so).  Do you co-sleep?  When he was about 2yo we made a sidecar toddler bed for him that attached to ours.  So, he was still really near, and still like to nurse in the ams, but couldn't just roll right over into my boobs!  That helped a lot, and I wish we'd have done it a little sooner. 

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I had to stop nursing my son (at 20 months) because I was spotting after he nursed.  It broke my heart because I didn't want to wean him this early.  Luckily it was a very smooth transition and I dried up in a couple days, but man I was not happy about it at first.

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Almost 28 weeks and now I think we will make it the whole pregnancy. My colostrum came in about 2 weeks ago and it has gotten her more interested. I am happy since she is only 16 months but now also a little nervous about having two nurslings. Maybe I should have been careful with what I wished for?

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Mine still pretends to nurse most bedtimes but she's dropping her nap. 2 is the witching hour but after a little whining it blows over and she's fine until an earlier bedtime. She will often nap in the car if we're driving at the right time but no nap days mean easy early bedtime so I'm embracing the transition. I don't think my colostrum came in yet and I still hold out hope that she'll nurse again once I have milk. We're likely ordering our new stroller (single with optional second seat) this weekend and hope to start using that on our park trips soon. I'm starting to feel way too pregnant most days and would welcome something to load up besides myself lol.

Hippieincognito, I'm glad to hear things are still ticking along fine for you. To be honest I wish we were still nursing but I am grateful for the break.. I guess the grass always seems greener on the other side... wink1.gif
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I was wondering how the nursing was going with everyone.  DS is still (phantom) nursing at naps and bedtime, and MAN does it hurt!  There is nothing in there and it is like he doesn't really know what he's doing anymore, or maybe it is just because there is nothing to suck out he has problems, but it hurts (usually just to start with, but sometimes it is sore for the whole time).  DH asked him the other evening at dinner if he was ever going to stop nursing (in a very nonchalant off hand kind of way) and DS said "No, I don't think I will ever want to stop nursing because I love it soooooooo much," and then stuffed his mouth full of food!  DH said, "Well, you can't argue with that!"  It was really sweet........  but c'mon, not EVER???  Another thing though is that DS keeps telling us how he has to eat so much food right now, and eat really well because his body is making milk so that he can nurse his baby when s/he comes out!  love.gif  I think he gets it that he wont really be nursing, but he is so cute!


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Still nursing here, but we're down to just 3-ish day time nursing sessions, and usually only 1 side at each. DS has been nightweaned for about a month now and I LOVE it! When I nightweaned him, he went from waking up 5 or so times a night to sleeping through!!!! It feels so good to finally get some sleep again, especially with a happy DS!


One problem with nursing- there always seem to be teeth touching my nipples! grrr

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