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Can I pull off a surprise Thanksgiving dinner?

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So, I'm Canadian. DH is American. I make him a Thanksgiving dinner every year, for American Thanksgiving. But, I've been sick for weeks, and it kind of snuck up on me this year. I have to go shopping in a little bit (we're on PST, so it's not quite 8:00). I'm wondering if I can smuggle in the fixings for a small-scale (just our immediate family) Thanksgiving dinner, without giving him a heads up.

I could tell him, but I think it would be fun to surprise him. Do you think there's a chance I could pull this off?

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I say give it a try :-)
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Yeah - I think I'm going to. I may resort to a storebought pie, though...

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Perhaps a good rotisserie chicken instead of turkey? Brown/serve or frozen rolls instead of from scratch? these are what I might change to make such happen to be less "suspicious". Have great fun!,,
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Well, I had it pulled off, but dh got into a bit of a funk (it's kind of a homesickness thing) this morning about missing Thanksgiving. It didn't seem fair to make him stay bummed out all day at work, so I told him I had dinner planned. I left the "suspicious" food in the van last night, and brought it in after dh went to bed.


I had to resort to a processed substitute for a real turkey - the only turkey in the store was 20 pounds, and there was no way I was going to be able to cook it today! We also have storebought pecan and pumpkin tarts, instead of homemade. I'm doing all the sides (stuffing, potato casserole, etc.) from scratch, though. And, we have lots of veggies.


I think it will be a hit. smile.gif


Time to get cooking.

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Bon appétit !

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How did it go?
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It turned out pretty well.


I ended up buying pecan and pumpkin tarts for dessert, because the store had no pumpkin pies (dh likes pecan, but ds2 hates them, and I wanted everyone to have something they liked for dessert). My "turkey" was one of those turkey loaf things from Butterball. I wasn't happy about it, but the only turkey in the store was a frozen 20 pounder...way too big for us, even if I could have thawed it in time. I thought about just doing a ham (we do both), but all my sides - stuffing, cranberry jelly, etc. - really go much better with turkey. I didn't want a chicken, because we eat chicken a lot - wanted something that made it a special meal, yk?


It didn't end up being surprise (see my last post), but everyone really enjoyed it. DD1 helped a lot - cleaning up, and helping with the stuffing, etc. We had a really good day, and a nearly perfect dinner.

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If it helps you any the Turkey loaf thing is a big giant breast. It's actually pretty good meat. The hubs was corporate microbiologist there for years. I could go on and on but would alienate all my vegetarian friends. He's in cheese now so I only piss off the vegans ;-).

Glad he got his (American) Thanksgiving
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I was actually less freaked out about it once we bought it and put it on the table. It tasted reasonably like turkey, and there was nothing too crazy looking on the label. Next year, I'm going to be more organized, though.

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