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Baby carriers for the non-newborn

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Reviving an old thread. Now that the LO is no longer so little that I can keep using the Moby (cry) and ring slings are only okay for short trips, what are the recommendations for bigger babies (she's 18lbs now)? I'm eyeballing the Boba 3G and the Beco Butterfly 2 (cost = ouch, but what can ya do?).


Thanks in advance!

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I don't know about either of those, I made myself a mei tei and that works fabulously. I love it and with padded straps it is so comfy.

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You are so crafty! I looked at those too. Are they good for long-distance wearing?


I'm also contemplating the catbird baby pikkolo. My go-to for info has been the Portable Baby, particularly the comparison section:


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I still use the k'tan with DS who is 15lbs.  DH uses the Boba.  I think we're pretty happy with both though we don't have anything to compare to.  From what I've heard from friends it's worth it to pay for the nicer carriers.


ETA - Just looked at babysteals and they have Ergos for a good price today!



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I absolutely love the mei tei Rowdie! That's an awesome web page.Thank you for the compliment also :)

I went to a mom meet up and a couple ladies had the k'tan and if I could ever squeeze my hips into one of those I would totally go after one. They look very comfy for mom and baby.

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I just got introduced to Kinderpacks. I'm going to be following them on fb and when I see something I like posted in their "in stock" section, I might grab it. That could take a while, though.

Until then, I went ahead and took the plunge on a Beco 2 Butterfly (robots!) as it is on sale this weekend through Smart Momma (and I found a website that shows you how to customize the front panel without a sewing machine--stitches that I just might be able to manage). I tend to steer clear of Ergo. Some of their bullying business practices (patenting technology that had already been in use for years, then pressuring WAHMs for legitimate use of it) turned me off them. They may have chilled out since then.


As I've turned into a huge babywearer, I may have to expand to some other types. Mlog, that k'tan looks awesome, like a more structured Moby (and as I said in the OP: I loved the Moby so much!). And some of my friends were singing Mei Tei praises--cute fabrics on those too! Can I justify three new carriers? Hmmm. Maybe wait for her first birthday.

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just get a soft structured carrier, ergo, becco, etc. It will be worth every penny.

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we have a bunch of woven wraps that we love, but our Kinderpack and wrap-conversion mei tai get the most use. I would especially recommend the KP.
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