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Is CD 22 too early to test? I used CB plus.

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We are not in the position to have another baby just yet. We were looking at CM to avoid. We DTD the day after my period had ended (CD8) and I was under the impression that its impossible to concieve the day after period.

Well it is now CD 22 and I'm having pinching feelings in my lower right abdomen for the last 2 days. I have to pee constantly and I'm exhausted. I just tested and got a negative on a clear blue plus.

Am I in the clear?
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Please someone help.
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I'm certainly not an expert but here is me thinking through your situation...

It is possible to ovulate by CD8. Even if this is not your norm, it is possible that your cycle was off this time. (http://www.tcoyf.com/content/FertMyths.aspx).

In addition, it is possible that you could have ovulated up to five days later (CD 13), but that your egg was fertilized by the CD8 sperm. (http://www.tcoyf.com/content/FertMyths.aspx)

Do you know how long your luteal phase usually is, between ovulation and 1st day of period? The average is 14 days but the range I've seen quoted can be 10-17 days. If you ovulated on CD8 and could have expected your period 14 days later, that brings us to CD22, which is right about now. Not too early to get accurate test results, but false negatives/user errors aren't completely unheard of. If you ovulated on CD13, and had 14 day luteal phase, you could expect your period on CD 27. When was it that you tested? Testing more than a week early carries a greater risk of false negatives. I'm not sure about the specific test you mentioned, but most that I've used have had a chart on the instruction sheet, noting how accurate the test is X, Y and Z days before your expected period.

Maybe the pinching you're feeling right now is ovulatory or premenstrual- again your cycle could be longer or shorter than usual for a variety of reasons.

If you're not able to spend a lot on pregnancy tests, are there any local resources you could turn to? Maybe something like Planned Parenthood. I also think I've seen chatter about dollar store pregnancy tests, so that might be a low cost option you could think about if this is really tearing you up inside.

Take care of yourself and let me know how you're doing!
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It is possible it is too early to get an accurate result. Dollar Tree tests are decent but prone to evaporation lines (do NOT look at test after the recommended time).

How long are your cycles typically?

It is not impossible to get pregnant from sex a day after your period. However if you are monitoring your CM and didn't have fertile looking CM that day, I would say chances of you being pregnant are lower than otherwise.
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Thanks for helping! I tested this morning with first morning urine. The pinching is gone - lasted 2 days. I've never felt that while ovulating before, but there's always a first time for everything.

I'm not sure if I have a 28 day cycle or not, but I usually have my period for 7 or more days. And then sometimes after 4 days, ill think my period is over and I'll start bleeding again a day later.

I don't know what a luteal phase is? But I think I ovulate for a long time because the CM is usually thick and abundant for a while, like a week or more.

I guess you could also say my hormones are still adjusting, since I stopped pumping about 6 months ago.
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Luteal phase is the time between ovulation and first day of full flow. Ovulation is a one time occurrence which women can sometimes narrow down to a particular day. Once the egg is ovulated it is viable to being fertilized for approximately 24 hours. If sperm makes it into the uterus, it can survive for up to 6 days which is pretty amazing.

Cycle length is number of days between your first full flow day and the day before you have full flow again. The example of bleeding for 4 days, stopping for one and then bleeding some more sounds like it is a weird period within one cycle, not two cycles.
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Thanks allisonrose. Calmed my fears a little! Thanks also for the info on Luteal Phase. Sounds like youre very knowledgeable.


CM was definitely not fertile looking - so Im a lot less worried. I'll let you know how things go!

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I've been thinking about everything, and I have another question if someone doesnt mind humoring me.


I didnt have fertile CM on the day we DTD, but I noticed alot of it like 2 days after. I was surprised because I wasnt expecting it until a week later.


That was my first premonition in the possibility of being pregnant. Allisonrose - you said that having no fertile mucous lowers my chances of getting pregnant, but what about if I had fertile CM 2 days later? Still low chances? Or does that change anything?


Sorry for obsessing - I just feel like I cant get it off of my mind.

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I spent a lot of time trying to get pregnant with my first. Taking Charge of your Fertility is an excellent reference book if you want to read up.

It is my understanding that sperm can survive quite a bit of time in the uterus and Fallopian tubes but not in the vagina. The natural flow of the vagina is down and out. In theory, sperm need that fertile, slippery quality CM to travel through the cervix. So if the conditions were not right at the time of intercourse, they would not be likely to be around/alive two days later.
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Thanks - I will read the book!

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If my math is right you are cd 28 today: any update?
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Hey - sorry for not checking back sooner. Just wanted to update, Im not sure what happened.


It was really strange. I finally got my period, but a day late and it was super heavy and only lasted 3 days. My period usually lasts 7 days. I also had a hormone problem because I became seriously depressed, which has never happened to me before. Then after about 2 weeks I was fine.


Dont know what happened, but maybe its possible I was pregnant but the egg didnt stick. But its wierd about the hormone problems, because I prob would have tested positive they were pregnancy hormones.


Thinking I should get checked out by the doctor. This month, period came on time and it has been normal flow.


Just wanted to let everyone know what happened with this :)

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