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I'm starting work at a call center 12/17 and the hours will be 10-7, 5 days per week. I'll be making $10 an hour (so will DH, working similar hours), so I can't afford the typical $10-12/hr nanny, but I need someone who is supportive of our cloth diapering DD, feeding her expressed BM and someone who won't just leave her in a crib or playpen all day (we lean towards AP - co-sleeping, babywearing, etc).

In this vein, I'm interested in a nannyshare situation or in a SAHM who is looking for extra money but is willing to charge less than the traditional nanny who is not watching her own children as well. I don't mean to shortchange anyone, but we will not qualify for a childcare subsidy based on our income when I start this job and I really need it for the health insurance. PM me if interested! Will update the post when/if a suitable situation is figured out.