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cosleeping arrangement

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My husband and I are trying to figure out a way to cosleep with our son more comfortably. He is 9 months old and we have only occasionally coslept but he sleeps better that way. We currently have a full size bed on a frame. When our son is in the bed I tend to take up a lot of space keeping a good amount of space between him and the edge, and my dear hubs gets almost no space! So I am wondering, what is your set up? do you wish you had anything different or what a dream set up would look like? I'd love to hear from you all!

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Can you put the mattress on the floor? Or can you boxcar LO's crib? When i co-slept I took the side rail of DD's crib and smooshed it between the wall and my bed. That way she had her own little space by us. Another option would be getting a twin bed and adding it next to your bed that way DH can get some space.

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We have a mesh railing on the bed (very easy to install) so I don't have to take up half the bed to ensure baby doesn't fall out.  That being said, we have a full bed too and it's just not that comfortable, but we don't have room for a larger bed.  Babe ends up in her bassinet, where she's perfectly happy.  But the rail works great for when she's with us.

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Sidecar-ing the crib was the best thing ever! DD likes to push herself away from me when she's done nursing. I actually get sleep because I'm not worried about DD rolling off the bed! DH and I both have plenty of room. Google side car crib and you should find the site with the detailed instructions, it pops up first or second. It was super easy.

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Another fan of crib sidecars here!  Our crib is really sturdy, and I scoot over halfway into it to nurse, then I can slip back to my own space and actually sleep in a comfortable position.  I usually sleep right near the edge, so that she can't crawl out of the crib part without crawling over my legs and waking me up.  I'm hoping that eventually, DD will do most of her sleeping in her own space, and we can easily transition her to her own bed.  But for now, it just gives us all more room, and it gives her a place to play in the morning when Mama's not quite ready to face the world yet.  :)

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Another fan of side-carring the crib here. However due to the crib we have, we couldn't take the side rail off, so I had tolift DS in and out of his crib to nurse. It worked fine until he got just too heavy to lift that way from the bed.

At that point (14 mos old), we got rid of our bed frame and put a twin sized bed between out mattress and the wall, block the foot of the twin mattress, and DS sleeps there. I sleep on our bed closest to him and when he needs to nurse, I just roll into his bed, nurse him, then roll back onto ours. And if I get up early/come to bed late (or if I'm exhausted), DH just moves over and does the nighttime parenting. It makes it really easy for us to switch off when the other needs a break.
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After co-sleeping w/my first daughter in our queen sized bed and all being somewhat squished (except for the kid), we finally caved and bought a king bed just before baby #2 came. We also sidecarred the crib (never tried it with our first). So I'd say it's my dream setup right now! All 4 of us can fit just fine in the king bed! But I've just started putting the baby (2 months old) in the crib and then sleeping right up next to it. We all have so much space! And also since the crib is there, even if baby is on our mattress, I don't have to worry about her falling out and can put her right up near the edge to give everyone else space. 


I really feel for you trying to sleep in a full! Def add another mattress of some sort if you can't get a bigger bed right now.



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thank you everyone! I've never heard of using the crib as a sidecar, that sounds like the best option right now, maybe switching to a twin doubled up bed when he gets bigger. I am jealous of the king size bed with a sidecar crib too--luxurious!

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I'm jealous of the king bed too...sounding super cozy flower.gif

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we ended up putting the bed on the floor with a twin next to it, and keeping his crib up and I LOVE it. He can nap in his crib if I want to shower and need him contained, or he can nap in our bed if I want to snuggle him to sleep (and take a nap too!) and for the nighttime he starts in his crib, then comes to bed with us after he wakes up to nurse. The twin/full beds together are so nice, they match up well and are comfortable even if you lay on the crease. Its like a big slumber party of quilts everywhere, and it is so great to be able to have my husband and our baby in bed together and still be comfortable!

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Yeah we also have a full sized bed right up next to a twin bed.  Our DS was over 30lbs by the time he was 1 (and is over 55lbs now at 2)  so i am glad i never invested in a crib - im sure i wouldnt have been able to lift him in and out of it! 

it does take up a lot of space - but the two beds together are super comfy - also when DS is ready for his own room - we can just move the twin into another room

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We have a funny set up.  In the master bedroom there is a rickety king sized bed that badly needs a new frame, sags everywhere.  In the guest room we have a super comfy full sized bed, and DD's floor bed set up (totally baby proofed little area that can be gated off, we call it her room).  In general we start off most nights with DD in "her room" while we hang out on the rickety king bed in the master bed room.  Occasionally we all three will end up sleeping in the rickety bed, but more often than not we sneak into the guest room at some point to sleep on the comfy bed.  DD wakes up and usually ends up in the full sized bed with us until the morning. Usually daddy picks her up when she wakes up and she sleeps for a couple of hours snuggled with him, then eventually over to me.  Most of the time she sleeps between us.  I wouldn't recommend that for all people but DH is hyper aware of her location.  This set up is not ideal, at all.  I would prefer we just have a comfy king sized bed with this thing to keep the babe from falling out:



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