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Fun with our babies!

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I thought I would post a new thread-- sort of grasping for topics since we all have tiny babies.


What do your babies love to do??  Maybe it will give me more ideas!


Jack loves to get his diaper changed and always smiles while he is on his changing table.  He smiles the most for DH!  He loves to lay on it, that I actually will keep him on the table until he fusses-- and either interact with him or fold laundry or whatever chore is nearby.


He also loves to look at dark/light combinations.  He will stare at 2 picture frames on the wall for a LONG time!!  He also loves staring at the window blinds.


Finally, he loves to take a bath most of the time.  oh- and he loves being outside.


Our older boys are so excited to be able to play with him in a couple months!!

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Great thread idea :)


I've got a DS who is pretty similar to yours. Loves when his diaper is off - I get the biggest smiles then :) He loves watching DS1 - in fact if it both DS1 and I are close or talking to him, DS2 will always watch him - it's so sweet and is definitely helping build a bond.


The mornings are the happiest so we sometimes just lie close and talk, sing or whatever. 

He also loves baths and the shower (though I don't actually put him all the way under, just his legs/feet)


When he's fussy, he like when I hum or the sound of running water, even just rocking in the rocking chair helps sometimes. 


he does like being outside, but I generally put him in the moby for a walk when he's just about asleep. If he's too awake, he doesn't like the moby for too long then.


He;s usually with me or close by for a story or 2 with DS1. I do have a little playmat that sometime I lie him on. There's a toy that sound like wind chimes that I put by his feet, so when he kicks it it sounds nice - he seems to like that sometimes. He'll even tolerate the swing for a very short time sometimes.


I was just wondering the other day what else I could do with him, but I guess between DS1, DH and I - he's probably seeing/hearing a lot more than I think!

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Lets see...mine still mostly lives in a carrier or nurses. lol Not a whole lot else, but we get lots of ADORABLE smiles when she's happy, and lately she's started cooing back and forth with us...particularly with ds. I let ds hold her a LOT now, and that seems like crazy entertainment for her...she stares at him for the longest time...We also have christmas lights up that she's IN LOVE with...she'll smile at them and coo at them!


Still loves baths...and we're planning on taking her to the pool this week...not too much time spent on the floor, but she did wow us the other day by rolling from her back to her tummy!!! (not yet repeated. lol)

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So- Jack loves being sung to- the latest craze at our house is Old McDonald- he smiles and almost laughs-- it is wonderful!!  he also loves when I babble and coo with him.  Saying "mamamama" usually gets a huge grin.  It's addictive!

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So funny about the changing table. That is Aria's happy place too. When my husband is in charge of her and she won't stop crying, he often puts her on there. Not sure why she loves it - I don't think there is anything particularly interesting that she can see from there. She even liked doing tummy time on it today (first time I tried it there). 


Aria also loves her bath. A girl after my own heart! :-) I look forward to taking her to the warm pool at our YMCA. My older daughter loves to go but they have to be 6 mos - though i fudged and took my older daughter when she was 5 mos. 


Not a swing fan here. I even bought one of the nice ones that recline like a cradle. Nope. Maybe it will buy me 5 minutes to scarf down my food. She is pretty happy in her bouncy chair though, even though is has no batteries and doesn't do anything - I think she just likes to look around from a more upright position. I have an activity mat but I don't think she cares about the stuff hanging there yet. She likes to look at the stripes on the support things. And mostly she just loves lying on her back and kicking her feet.


And she LOVES being worn. She'll fall asleep in minutes. I guess that means she likes it. :-)


I get most of the smiles here but she also likes to smile at DD1. When we picked her up at preschool last week, Aria gave her a huge grin when she saw her. it was so precious! Poor DH feels a bit left out these days I think. He can't seem to comfort her as well as he did our older daughter. My guess is bc my older daughter got supplemented with bottles and DH was able to do that, whereas I am just doing the breast this time. I think he'll be happy when she gets more interactive. 


I got a nice smile today when I sung to her while she was in the bouncy seat. But we went on a long car ride this weekend and she was upset and no matter how many songs I sang, she was NOT impressed. My older daughter will sing to her in the car sometimes - I love that! So sweet.

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My little man is mostly eating, eating some more and sleeping. My DH andI were lucky to get into a free infant massage class, so I try to get at least one partial massage in a day and my LO loves it. He will laugh and smile which really helps with the sleep deprivation :) He knows when I am close to my limit during his marathon nursing sessions because he will pop off the boob and give me the happiest smile before he starts chin butting me to re-latch. As he snorts and open mouth bounces off me I cannot help but laugh at my hungry little hippo.  Every morning he will hang out in his bouncy chair long enough for me to make myself some breakfast. Sometime I can even get the dishes done since we do not have a dishwasher there are always dishes. We have an island in the kitchen, so he is eye level with everything I am doing and that helps if his bouncer is on the floor he not such a fan. He LOVES his bath time, too. When he is done we will cuddle in front of our wood stove and watch the fire. 

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Jack is more and more fun!!  He now loves to sit in his bouncy seat- which has a lion, hippo, and monkey hanging in front of him--- and he will smile, coo, and chuckle at them for 15 minutes!!!  It's so adorable and heart melting, that instead of using that time to get something done, I end up staring and laughing at him and videoing/taking pictures...  LOL


He loves to "talk" with us.  When we babble and coo to him, he smiles and chuckles and "talks" back to us.  I swear he is accurately imitating "hi".  I know he's not talking, but it's amazing!!  I'm a speech pathologist when I am working....so I get obsessed with vocalizations!


He loves to be pulled to sitting position-- when he's laying down and I put my fingers in his hands-- he knows what we're going to do b/c he pulls forward and gets a happy look on his face.


Not sure if it's intentional, but he will "bat" his hands at toys hanging down from his baby gear (that I said I would never use....).  He loves it though-- so I feel good about it.  He actually started liking his play mat.

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PP^^ my 3 month old also loves to pull himself up! I do the same thing with my fingers and its so funny to see him strain and sit up into a standing position all on his own!

he hates to lay down, he only likes to be sitting.

He also talks and talks back to us we love it! he squeals when i tickle him and he is just so smiley :) we eat it up!

 at first he would not swing, sit in his bouncy or anything so the fact hes doing so now is such a relief becuase i can finally get back to doing housework!!!

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