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*disclaimer* This is the username I use for things I don't want searchable under my normal username. I know I only have a few posts but I have been a member of MDC for about 7 years under my regular name.


DH is a SAHD and I work FT outside the home, so he's with the kids a lot more than I am. I've noticed that my kids are starting to pick up some of DH's tics. He has a hand-shaking thing he's done as a kid (almost like the hand-flapping that is sometimes associated with autism) and I've caught 7yo DS doing it a few times (not DH's bio kid, so no chance of DS inheriting any issues from him). And the past week or so I've noticed 19mo DD start doing a verbal tic of DH's. He often makes a brief ss sound after a sentence, like he was about to say the word "so" and keep talking but he doesn't. He says it's from an issue he sometimes has with repeating everything that's said a second time in his head and sometimes it comes out verbally.


I've talked to DS about why DH has tics and why he shouldn't do the hand thing (it may upset DH, for one thing) but if DD is copying the verbal tics I don't know what I can do other than just ignore it and hope she outgrows it after a while since DH will be the only one she hears it from and he doesn't always do it.