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Flu Shot Given to Pregnant Women causes fetal death rate to increase by 4,250%

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The actual numbers are 6.8 fetal deaths per million pregnant women reported in 2008/2009 with the single dose vaccine vs. 77.8 fetal deaths in 2009/2010 with the two dose mercury containing vaccine. The real issue of this article is not about the safety of giving pregnant women the single dose flu vaccine, it is the increase of fetal deaths associated with the two doses given in 2009/2010 with with H1N1 "pandemic". At least that is what the evidence they include at the very end of the article points out.

I am not pro vaccines and do not vaccinate myself or my children, BUT I do dislike fear mongering journalism and the twisting of facts (by either side). When interpreting data nd statistics a more balanced approach is warranted.
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I understand what you are saying. I don't think any vaccines are safe ever and could never allow any member of my family to have any as long as I have something to say about it because after the research I've done, the ingredients, the health risks, everything are just too much for me to go along with and there is very little proof of their efficacy. I just thought to share the link because I had heard a lot about it being dangerous to get vaccines during pregnancy.

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I do understand why you posted it, I just wanted to point out that the article was very highly biased and should be taken with a grain of salt, especially since the author herself points out that the regular vaccine is considered "safe" but the combination was what caused the dramatic increase in fetal demise events being reported to VAERS. This kind of fear mongering article can be just as dangerous as the vaccine itself.

I will give an example: When a campaign in Canada advertised that even just one alcoholic drink could cause fetal alcohol syndrome it caused many women unnecessary stress, even leading many to get abortions, because they had been drinking before they knew they were pregnant. That is just an example of something done for very good reason (to prevent FAS) that was not based on evidence or using the evidence to come to unwarranted conclusions.
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In the fear of making enemies, I am very PRO vaccines. I think no research that can be done on the internet can ever even come close to the research medical professionals put into the making of vaccines before they are released to the public. Years and years of education can not be equalized to spending a few weeks of research on the internet. 


However, I do understand some people are concerned. That is fine, because it's you. I can't tell you what to do. But, articles like this are why many people have fears that they really shouldn't have. 

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Originally Posted by dayiscoming2006 View Post

and there is very little proof of their efficacy.

I am very hesitant to enter into this debate. I selectively vaccinate, and use Dr Sears delayed vax schedule for my son. But there is plenty, plenty of evidence that vaccines work and have saved millions of children's lives. I know there are also many instances where they have done harm, but I just can't read that phrase "very little proof of their efficacy" and not bristle a bit thinking of all the children who used to be afflicted by polio, die from small pox, etc...

I totally respect your choices, and I am not attacking your reasons...just that phrase.
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didn't get it last time, and not getting it this time either.
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The vaccine debate is not one I ever get involved in! We are delayed and selective vaxers and it works for us! smile.gif

We don't do the flu shot because I don't feel it's necessary for us! I certainly wouldn't judge anyone else for getting it though. Everyone's situation is different.

Also, admittedly, I haven't done extensive research on the subject. I find it so difficult to wade through all the info, determine what's credible, what's biased, etc. What a nightmare!!
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Everyone should do what they feel is right in their conscience. I just shared the article because I kept hearing about the dangers of the flu vax in pregnancy. I at least want people to make informed decisions, not just stick your head in the sand and hope for the best. I think we take a big risk if we just trust the doc because I know many people that trusted their doc and got messed up because of it with various different health issues. Not all docs are good and not everything your doc (good or bad) recommends will be right for you. Hope that makes sense. I won't argue with anyone. Not something I like to do. 

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