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I wonder

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Is my darling daughter trying to tell me something about this pregnancy?!

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HAHAHAHAHAHA ROTFLMAO.gifThats funny! Triplets? Now wouldn't that be something.... :)

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LOL triplets!! I was thinking we "bought" DD and are "getting" twins for "free".
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oh.... Lol. Well, either way :)

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lol.gif Time will tell.

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Haha!! Wouldn't that be a cute twin announcement?!
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Hilarious! I told DH how many of you in this Ddc are thinking you are carrying twins and he got a bit panicky smile.gif
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Hilarious sign! I am so anxious for Tuesday when I finally get my ultrasound!
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Well so far I'm not thinking twins... DD may be though lol.
I remember being very naive with my first pregnancy and half wishing for twins. Then DD was born and I seriously had trouble figuring out how twin mamas handle it all. I'm hoping for a singleton. So far my symptoms have been less severe than with DD so I'm fairly confident we aren't breaking fire code or anything there ;-)
Starfish, if anything lots of twin mamas should make your DH feel better. Statistically speaking, the more twin mamas here, the less likely that you will also be one lol. I know DH is already thinking of getting a bigger car and if we have twins, he will freak and want a minivan eyesroll.gif . He keeps imagining us packing up and taking kiddos to a karate tournament out of town or camping, etc. I keep telling him, we have a while yet! Lol
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Very good point. And I love our minivan. Never thought that I would, but I do.
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Ha, the way I told hubby about baby number 4, was by telling him we were going to need a bigger car. If we do indeed have twins, we may need an even bigger car. Yikes!
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