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At what age can they start being in the MeiTai?  I have one and the first couple months my son was too small, and then when he was finally big enough he hated it.  Is there a special way to do it with a tiny baby?  If so that is what i need to do :)


You can carry a newborn in a MT, although a wrap or ring sling is usually preferable.  Depending on the height of the MT, you may need to fold up the bottom before tying the waist straps.  If the baby is ok with legs froggied in the MT, then that is ok (of course checking for good positioning with knees higher than bottom), or they can be legs out if you cinch the bottom with a hair tie or something similar.  Some MTs come with snaps or other way to adjust the bottom in for little babies.  Make sure that you tie the straps behind their back instead of under their bum.

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I don't remember if I needed to roll the bottom around the band once for Bee or not. Froggied her (the same position as in a moby) and crossed the straps on her back. I have a BabyHawk and it has quite a stiff head support for little people. She was in it before a week.

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Google newborn carry and MT. There are even YouTube videos
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He was.  I was literally told to get him out (after my midwife realized she needed my partner to tell me to listen to her because his heart rate was dropping with contractions), so I did.  I don't think she'd ever experienced anyone who took her saying that to heart like that *shrugs*  I did what I was told to do lol.  I don't recommend having a nine pound baby in one push...

omg almost that exact thing happened to me with my 10lb 2 oz baby!  insanity!  yeah i ripped too!!!  i think i got 10 though.  but yeah, his heart rate was down and not fluctuating at all and it freaked her and the assistant out enough that they were like, "your baby needs to come out now" and i pushed twice in one contraction, head,  shoulders knees and toes.  my body had "pushed" maybe 5x before that.  im not eating sugar at all this pregnancy.  please no 10lb babies again!!  please!!!

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Wow, you ladies are amazing. I had a 10 lb baby NOT in one push and I tore like heck! I can't imagine doing it in one.
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