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SO Frustrated!

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Needing to vent for a minute. I'm so fed up!


My water broke at around 10:30 thursday morning. Had a few cx here and there but they didn't pick up and get regular until about 9pm. Had pretty strong cx most of the night but they were irregular and kind of short.. they were 3 mins apart/1 min long for several hours and then started only lasting 30-45 secs or so and then began spacing out. I tried walking several times, changing positions, showering, etc and finally just tried getting some rest. By Friday morning around 9am I thought they were picking up again but then...they spaced out yet again and by evening were almost nonexistent. Same thing today.


I'm attempting an HBA2C and am not comfortable with any type of augmentation, even "natural" forms. Baby is doing well, I'm (physically) doing well, no signs of infection etc...but I'm SO demoralized and just ready to go sign up for the next cesarean. Ugh! 

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Oh girlfriend I hear you!  I'm having cntx every 12 minutes and its back labor again (we did this just last weekend to no avail). Just get through right now, all you need to do is get through now, until "now" is baby crowned and slipping into your arms.  You can make it.  I can make it.  Then we can have a couple martinis and toast our selves and our laptops!

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*hugs* sorry :(


I hear you about the on again off again ctx. It's beginning to seriously piss me off! Now I feel bad for telling DH I just wish my water would break. I'd probably be in the same boat where it wouldn't change anything just add another layer of aggrivation.


I hope things pick up for you soon! Sending all the labor vibes I can muster your way!

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Oh wow, Thursday morning must seem a long time ago to you now!! Hang in there! Hope labor has REALLY started by now.
Mothering › Groups › November 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › SO Frustrated!