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birthing ball

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Does anyone know if there is any difference between a birthing ball and a regular old exercise ball?  I'm thinking of getting one while I am in the US  smile.gif

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And what's the right size? 65cm? 75cm?
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I always thought they were the same. But do you have a midwife? You could ask her?

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I had a regular exercise ball during birthing.  I believe the ball size depends on your size so you are comfortable sitting on it.  I used it a bit in the beginning of labour but then found it a bit distracting, in that it was not solid/supportive (go figure). I will definitely try again this time around.

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If I recall correctly, the size is determined by the how high your butt is when you are sitting with your thighs at a parallel to the floor. Does that make any sense?
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I just use a 65cm exercise ball, and I loved it for active labor.
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I am pretty sure they are just the same thing.  The size depends on your height, and there is a guide right on the box for the ball.  I used to sit on one for studying all the time and plan to bring it to work to use at my desk when I'm not standing.  I imagine that standing for long periods of time is going to get less comfortable as time goes on, but I don't want to just sit in my chair all day.  I'm pretty sure mine is 65cm as well.

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My understanding is that the 'birthing' balls are supposed to be stronger and are generally more expensive. I have a special birthing ball also many exercise balls and don't see a difference. I always get 65cm and they have worked for all my clients so far (I'm a doula). I have started to sit on mine instead of hard chairs or the couch all the time to encourage good posture and optimal positioning. Even if you don't use the ball in labor its awesome to before hand and is great to do hip circles and open your pelvis.

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I have a large (I'm tall) exercise ball as well. Does anyone know if there's a way to use them to exercise the pelvic floor ahead of time?

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I'm just thinking this would be a better item to sit on then hard chairs or even soft beds since my tailbone is having problems (fractured tailbone a few years ago).  I won't be able to consistently get to a chiropractor until February so I thought this might be a way to make my tailbone more comfortable!


I will be seeing a midwife on Friday so I will be sure to ask her.  Thanks for all the info!

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Yes, get one and I didn't look at actual birthing balls, just exercise balls. I did get the ones that were sturdier, I think mine will support 350lbs or maybe more, I wouldn't get the cheapest ones. And they are awesome to sit on instead of chairs, at least some of the time, especially later in pregnancy. 65cm works for most people (I think I'm right on the edge of that working and I'm 5'11"), but I would ask your midwife for advice. Some folks like to get even bigger than recommended for exercise so they can have it less deflated and more squishy, but I'm not one of those personally.

I didn't actually use it in the hospital, even though I had DH bring it in the car, but I did use it for labor at home as it was the only thing I could sit on besides the toilet comfortably while in labor and I sat on it exclusively at home during the last 2 months at least. I may get one for work too this time as I know I'm going to be so much bigger, even though my boss is totally going to make fun of me smile.gif
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