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I know it, too - but it's going to be such a strange experience if I actually have to wait for this baby - my body does seem to be one of those that just doesn't need to cook the babies as long, and my births have been at 38+4, 39+4 and 36+4 weeks.  I am definitely letting baby choose his/her birthday - but it just will surprise me if I get really near my EDD.  Also I am mongo uncomfortable, way more uncomfortable than I've ever been in late pregnancy before, and it will be a huge relief to my pelvis & digestive system to hold baby on the outside rather than on the inside!


I really was pissy when I wrote my last post.  I should perhaps explain in DH's defense that he wanted me to do the dishes - while he vacuumed the whole house, which he does almost every day.  It's not that he thinks I should do the housework while he's sitting around chilling or something.  It annoys him when he's doing housework and (from his perspective) *I'm* sitting around chilling.


Sego, I'm glad things are a little better with your DP.  I think we cross-posted before.


Must do some actual work at work.  More personals later.

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Kel- no was just being silly. I'm very happy to let bub choose his/her own birthday smile.gif it's a nice reminder tho of what is term and why.. It's so easy to get impatient!! Which makes me wonder-

LULU- how are you doing? Any action? Are you going up the wall? (Like the rest of us?)

MamaBeakley- I know what you mean- my DH is just so helpful but still at times it's easy to get upset and pissy.. Mostly tho when I add it all up her has done a great deal more than me.... Rest is important tho!! Xxxx

AFM - last night I slept on the couch and my goodness I was COMFORTABLE!!!!! No hip or thigh pain at all!!!!!! KEL maybe you should try this??
I slept from about 11 pm til 8 am with only 2 pee trips (!!!!) and some normal wakeful bouts. Feeling goooooood! That and it rained and stormed all night long so that does rock me off to sleep smile.gif
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travelmumma- I should have thought to recommend the couch earlier on in these discussions! I've been on it during previous pregnancies, and have already been sleeping there most nights of the week for at least a month. It's the only thing that's kept my hips functioning enough to make it through the days semi-pain-free. I think it keeps my weight more evenly distributed by being able to lean back a bit into the back of the couch. (So I'm not falling forward and onto the belly/baby.) The extra support lets me completely relax. Glad you got a good nights sleep!!!

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Ugh, it is always so hard to do personals when it rolls over to page 2...I'll do my best! winky.gif


Natalie, I have a family member that sounds a lot like your mom. I could never live with her! Hugs....I'm sure this is a stress you don't need!


Kel, amazing job on your stuff (as usual). I am just not that creative or talented. Creative people impress me. orngbiggrin.gif I get the same way at night with an achy back but I do fine all day long. I get up pretty early in the morning mostly because I just can't lay there anymore...too uncomfortable.


Jen, so glad things are better with you and DP. I have that fear too...would so hate to get in an argument with DH and then have to go through labor with it hanging over me!


Rae, yeah for good (talented) friends and blessings like those...really sweet gifts!



So, if we are putting in requests I am thinking that 12-12-12 would be a fun birthday! That would put me at 40w2d but for some reason I have been thinking 12/17 all along. Honestly I just really want to avoid a Christmas Eve or Christmas baby. New Year's Eve would put me at 43 weeks and I am hoping to avoid that one as well. winky.gif
I don't think there is anyway I am not going late though. I have so many less labor signs this time around. Really if I didn't know any better I would think this baby is coming in 2013!!! I usually start dilating and have prodromal labor for weeks before delivery but this baby is not even engaged yet! I am wondering if the difference is all the RRL tea I have been consuming?? Maybe it kind of tames my irritable uterus? OR maybe it is that baby isn't engaged and moving things along? I don't know but it is making me a bit concerned that this LO won't come quickly like his siblings....hadn't been planning on a long labor. IDK, I guess this one will be a surprise! Either way I am feeling like even though I am at 38+ I will see most of you birth your babies before this little guys decides to be born! :-)

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I can't keep up and I keep coming late!!

I have to say LOVE the sewing projects!!! I want to learn to sew but am lazy/busy/etc:P I do knit and have a blanket and a little hat for Jude. I'd like to try a sweater but don't know if I'll have time. Right now I'm in the middle of Christmas gifts. 


Jude has officially been cleared from the fetal medicine specialist! She's doing great and our last fetal echo showed no heart problems. In fact, she looks perfectly healthy and in proportion (a lot of babies with Down syndrome have shorter femurs and arm bones). I also had my first nonstress test and again she's doing great. I've been lots of contractions, and am losing my mucus plug bit by bit but I'm not holding my breath. Despite a history of having three at 36 weeks my last baby went to 39 weeks and I had THREE WEEKS of this stuff:/ I have been nesting...I scrubbed the grout on our kitchen floor on my hands and knees plus cleaned out a space for the Christmas tree. I need to get through this week though as my mom can't really leave her job until then...and I'd like to make after my husband's finals are done. I've had the 20th in mind for some reason (due date is the 23rd). We'll see.

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Hi everyone - thanks for checking in with me! I've been reading along but from my phone which is a pain to post from... I'm actually still on the phone so longer post tomorrow hopefully.

I'm good - ready to meet this babe on the outside. Pretty uncomfortable. My 1st EDD is this Weds. Been having my acupuncturist do induction things past few weeks but she went all the way today - stimulating needles with mild electricity! Feeling intense baby movement & intense painless contractions now... Who knows.
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Just a quickie, I swear--I had both my weekly chiropractic appointment and my 37w prenatal tonight. My sacrum has been *killing* me (I figured out why I'm so grumpy on Mondays--it's because I've done physical stuff over the weekend that has put me in *pain*...and people in pain are pretty damned pissy, yk?!). Chiro said my glutes (all of them, not just one part of the group, even) are really tight, and it's partly because my pelvis is opened up from last week. She also noted that my belly has grown noticeably in 7 short days. So her opinion is that I won't go 2 1/2 more weeks.


At my prenatal, I measured 38w, but babe is farther down in my pelvis, so she says the growth was probably more than 1/2 cm in the week. She also doesn't think I'm going to last until the 15th, despite that fact that my boys were both 40w (+/- 2 days), saying girls do mature faster. I have had a few other "real" contractions here and there, but sparse and no patterning. (though as I typed that, I got another one tonight, how funny!)


DH is now in a hurry to get *everything* done asap. (Um, where the hell was that attitude for the last two weeks when I wanted shit done?!) So I was sent to Target with gift card in hand tonight to buy a special outfit for Nevie. Got that, made a couple of little girl knee socks into newborn-size (I hope) baby legs, and realized I hadn't gotten any lanolin or breast ice packs, so grabbed those. 


(Hm, every time I look at those Lansinoh TheraPearl things, I think I should probably get the gel bead ice packs to use as my crotch-cicles, too...)


The only thing left on my list is a very specific type of sleep nursing bra (in black) that I want to wear for my birth (I have one in a light color that turns transparent when wet, lol). Not only will it make for more palatable pictures--these girls ain't so pretty anymore, lol--but as was pointed out at my shower: When you're leaning over/against the side of the inflatable birth pools, your skin can stick to the plastic. OUCH! Definitely need something up top; I hadn't even considered that, but it's an excellent point! (glad one of my good friends is a busy doula & knows such things)


wow, that was longer than I'd intended. I really need some good sleep--reflux woke me up again last night. :( 

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Hi all - its been a while since I've posted (typical excuses: J-O-B and getting ready for a baby!) but I have been reading once in a while and appreciate all of the tidbits I glean from you ladies.  I can't imagine all of the things I never would have thought of without this group!  So thanks!


Kel - I am so impressed with your beautiful projects!  And Stegen, your baby shower gifts are adorable.  I had my shower a couple weekends ago and I was thrilled to get so many nice things.  Pretty much everything was either handmade, or useful (and I think not knowing the sex really saved me on the masses of awful gender-specific baby clothes.  The only clothes I got were one beautiful hand knit sweater and some wool long underwear).  I even got some cloth diapers!  Amazing!


My thoughts are with all of you dealing with family stresses.  Not fun!   I feel blessed that my DH has been super supportive and understanding.  However the elephant in the room is that our house is a work zone.  Our master bedroom and bathroom is completely torn up and he "can't promise me" that all of the replumbing and remodeling will be done by the time the baby comes.  UGH.  I just follow him around "nesting" the messes and reorganizing our stuff into the guest bedroom/bathroom even though I know I'll have to "renest" again when he's done.  Trying not to let it stress me out.  I did cancel my birthday party this weekend though because I can't 1) handle spending an entire day cooking and cleaning for guests or 2) stomach the thought of people coming over and seeing our house in this state and giving me a pitying look and making a comment like, "wow, you guys sure have bitten off a lot."  (did I mention our house is a major fixer upper?)  The party vibe would pretty much turn to shit when the pregnant birthday girl punched a guest in the face and/or started crying.


I'm feeling WAY behind most of you on the "birthy" stuff.  My DD is 12/28 and I definitely don't feel any serious symptoms (not that I'm all that sure I could identify them anyway).  I'm sure I'll be one of the very last ones (which I'm totally fine with since it gives DH more time to work on the house and maybe even my dad will be here by then so he can lend a hand).  It's really exciting that some of you are so close - I can't wait to see all the announcements start rolling in so I can stop stalking the November DDC for baby pics.  Lulu - I'm putting my bets on you as the next one.  :)  

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AKAnne, I'm due 1/5 - so maybe we'll be the two left chatting on here - you'll have to come visit me on the boards after your babe is born though, because I'm pretty sure I'll be a good deal later than the 5th.


Sleeping on the couch might be the solution, except that we share a room with my 7-yr-old, who would not appreciate being left behind, and I do love snuggling up with DP at night.  But maybe if I wake up in the night in pain sometime I'll try it.  Or if I get desperate... 


Still having puffy fingers off and on, severe shortness of breath, but my main funny/painful symptom is that this baby loves to punch and poke me when go pee!  Sharp little gouges to the cervix right when I sit down.  Anyone else's little angels do the same? 

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Originally Posted by AlaskAnne View Post  The party vibe would pretty much turn to shit when the pregnant birthday girl punched a guest in the face and/or started crying.

Yeah. that would be a downer, for sure ;) gave me a good chuckle, though :)


Lulu - I've got fingers crossed for you - you are technically up to bat now :)


Stegan - that's funny about the bra thing. I have been one to immediately tear off all clothing while in labor. I remember my mom at DS2's birth saying something like 'can't we be just a little bit modest here?" and my response was to immediately throw off the sheet she had just placed over me. BUT, I really want LOTS of good, sharable pictures, so have been planning on wearing a black belly-band as a bra this time around, if I can handle it. Otherwise, I'll just go naked again lol. But the sticking to the pool thing is new - my other 2 birth pools weren't inflatable, so I hadn't thought of that....


kel, no offense was taken on the 39 week comments :) Like I said, I will happily wait for 39 or even 40 - I like 40 +1, 12-12-12 b-day, too! But I also know that what will happen will happen.


Last night, had about 2 hours of regular contractions that went away when I went to bed. So not fun!

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I also usually end up throwing off all clothes (what little I had on - usually just a loose long top) at the pushing stage.  Didn't have trouble sticking to tub when I watered in labor, but it was jacuzzi style. 

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GreenTeaGinger, congrats on your good news!


AlaskaAnne and Kel, I'll be with you guys at the end (due 12/31).


Sego and Stegan, I'm with you on wanting some pictures this time. I didn't take any last time.


AFM, I got my first "Just one?" comment today after I told the lady at the bank I still have another month.


I've been wearing a stretchy long skirt to work every day, but it is SO HOT! Today my forehead was clammy after sitting for just one hour. I hate polyester now. I never liked the idea, but I'd never worn it before so I didn't know it doesn't breathe at all. It is really tough to find maternity clothes that aren't polyester. Why do garment makers do that to us? I hit up a consignment store and bought a pair a non-polyester maternity pants that I'll be wearing for the duration.

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My favorite clothes right now are loose cotton dresses (non maternity), hitting at about the knee, tied in with a *stretchy* piece of fabric - so that when I sit down or eat it isn't constricting at all.  I have about two, maybe three dresses that still fall into this category - all the rest got too short as my tummy has expanded.  Can't do pants at all anymore - can't do most tights - both too constricting.  I've actually been using a loose garter belt to hold up my thigh high legwarmers for the days I can't stand tights anymore!  And yeah, I've got another 5-8 wks of winter pregnancy wear to go...  looks like it's going to be garters, leg warmers and cotton muumuus tied at the waist;)

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My favorite clothes right now are loose cotton dresses (non maternity), hitting at about the knee, tied in with a *stretchy* piece of fabric - so that when I sit down or eat it isn't constricting at all.  I have about two, maybe three dresses that still fall into this category - all the rest got too short as my tummy has expanded.  Can't do pants at all anymore - can't do most tights - both too constricting.  I've actually been using a loose garter belt to hold up my thigh high legwarmers for the days I can't stand tights anymore!  And yeah, I've got another 5-8 wks of winter pregnancy wear to go...  looks like it's going to be garters, leg warmers and cotton muumuus tied at the waist;)


I have been wearing the same pair of jeans for about 2 weeks any time I am in public. At home, I am all about leggings and a giant t-shirt.  It is too cold for all of my comfy stretchy summer dresses. 


I have three more days of work left until maternity leave, so I have been super focused on getting everyone and everything ready for that transition. Hopefully, things will go smoothly, but I am definitely expecting a few phone calls next week (which is part of why I tried to leave a bit on cushion between last day or work and baby's arrival). Oh, and one of my most important employees gave his notice yesterday, which means I need to scramble to find a replacement in the next few days. Ha! I wish his timing was better, but he was offered a job making a lot more money and he is the primary breadwinner for his family as has a baby who was born very prematurely and has a lot of health problems, so I understand that he has to do what he has to do for his family, so I totally understand. 


This week there is also a lot going on pregnancy wise. I had my home visit with my midwives on Monday. My blood pressure was super high. It has been consistently high every time they take it (but fine when I take it myself or if someone else takes it), but never quite this high. It is now also a little elevated when I take it myself, so they want me to do liver panel labs to rule out pre-eclampsia (I have no symptoms, no protein in my urine, etc) and to up my protein (admittedly since my bout of food poisoning a few weeks ago I have had a pretty strong aversion to meat and my diet has been a little on the carb heavy side). I seriously doubt that it is anything other than the effects of late pregnancy and my general stress/anxiety level.  I will do blood work on Friday. 


I took a breastfeeding class on Monday night, which proved to be really helpful and interesting. I left feeling really empowered about my ability to feed this kid, which was great. Breastfeeding has been one of the things I have had the most uncertainty about. DP and I are also taking a newborn care class this weekend at the same place, so I am hoping that it will prove as helpful. 


I had my last ultrasound yesterday to check the placenta position. Great news - the placenta has moved up enough that even the conservative doctor at the ultrasound place says it is "nothing to worry about", which, even though I have already been cleared by my midwives to birth at home is still a HUGE relief. Thanks again everyone for all of your kind thoughts and "move up vibes".  I really never envisioned having an ultrasound this late in pregnancy, and I have to say it was a really interesting experience this time around. Even on the ultrasound, it really struck me how much she looks like a newborn rather than a fetus. Also, I realized my how much I know this person already. When the ultrasound tech would point out things about her position, I already knew what was where. At one point the tech tried to get the baby to move so she could get a better view of the placenta, and I knew that Jude wasn't going to, because that just isn't what she does. So, it was kind of a cool experience, even though I am still not thrilled about the number of ultrasounds I have had this pregnancy. I think if I had it to do over again, I would have just waited till the very end to re-check the placenta position after the initial previa was diagnosed at the 20-week ultrasound. Going back every 6 weeks proved to be a big waste of time. 

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I've been posting like crazy in the other threads, thought I'd check in here.


Thanks everyone for your thoughts and wishes - I really hope I am up next. There is an elephant at the Portland Zoo that is expected to have her baby in the next few days: http://oregonzoo.org/news/2012/11/pachyderm-pending-blog-video-diary-rose-tus-pregnancy I think it would be super cool for my baby and the elephant baby to share a birthday! We'll see!


I know what you all mean about clothing. I'm down to just 2 pairs of pants that I can only wear 2 times before the smell overwhelms me - not sure if it is just my sense of smell or I'm actually more stinky! Really I shower every day :) Then a few shirts - and most of those are too short. Good thing I don't have to be that presentable anymore... 


Kate - so exciting about the placenta! I really thought it would move, they almost always do. But you have to check. So exciting about all the classes you and DP are taking. I really enjoyed the breastfeeding class I took. For protein try to increase the eggs - if you can handle it. That has been my go to non meat protein.


AlaskAnne - so great to hear from you! I've been thinking about you and wondering how you're doing. 


Stegan & Sego - You both sound like you could go anytime really! How exciting!


AFM - I posted a summary of my birth stuff in that thread. I'm feeling a bit impatient, but just trying to be zen with where I am. This baby will pick his/her perfect day to be born. 

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Kate: a huge WHEW! re: your placenta. IKWYM about the ultrasounds - but at least you have had 'progress' reports instead of being worried. here's hoping your labs are all OK!


lulu - love the elephant connection :) What a cool thing for your baby to get to grow up with!


I'm the same re: clothing! I have several great dresses that fit just fine, but it's too cold for any of them. I have 2 pairs of leggings, a couple of shirts. Everything else hurts. Oh well.


Last night, after changing the sheets, cleaning my room, and eating a HUGE meal, my contractions stopped again. so no full moon baby here ;) I did have the coolest experience though - I was feeling around on my belly and was practically holding hands with babe last night! I have always had a good sense of where the babies are (especially this far along), but I found an arm, followed it to the end, and I swear it was like her/his little hand was reaching right back to explore mine. Very, very cool pregnant moment :) Oh, my photographer friend came by to take some more belly shots, too - we ran out of light when we did the first set very quickly, and she wanted to make sure I got my $ worth. Lots of cool shots with the setting sun, and in the doorways of our yurt. I can't wait to see them! I promise to share.


PS - I just cleaned the playroom, my work space, and the rest of the misc spaces in the basement. Nesting much?

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Yay, Kate, so glad your placenta's out of the way!
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Guess who's GBS NEGATIVE?!?  Me!  


It's not that I was really worried about it, having had two babies when I was GBS+ and no ill effects whatsoever, but it is kind of nice not to have to worry about it (or cause my care providers worry about it!)


I am super, super cranky today.


And need to stay present in my home/to my family at the moment.  But I just had to share!

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mamabeakley, YAY for GBS negative!! I had my swab on Tuesday, so we'll probably get the results on Monday or Tuesday. I'm praying it's negative -- I honestly just don't feel like having to research and decide yes or no on the abx. 


kate, another YAY! for your placenta getting itself in gear and giving you the all clear! You must be so relieved. :)


re:clothing, I still have a number of things that fit, but it has been colder here as well, so I've been rotating the same two pairs of jeans, some shirts, and boots. I have some great dresses I'd love to wear, but not with it being chilly.


I had to force myself to take a break -- we're almost completely moved in to the new place! I just need to make one more trip back to our friends' house to get our food out of the fridge, and then give their guest room a solid cleaning before they get home from work. I love our temporary spot, and it's so nice to know we'll be here for a month and a half. It's also great to know that this is where our birth will happen. I just need a few baskets and a small dresser for baby stuff, then I can start organizing all of his things and getting them put away. I almost cried opening the giant, empty fridge and knowing I get to fill it with meals. It's all in the little things. ;) Oh! Also, our iPad screen stopped working about a month ago, and it's out of warranty...but when I was packing things yesterday, it fell off the bookshelf and hit the carpet...and started working again! It will be so nice to have while I'm nursing, or just laying in bed, so I'm really happy about it. 


That's all I have time for now, but I'm watching the forums for some "i'm in labor!" posts to start soon! Some of you seem like it really will be any day now!

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Hey ladies! I've been kind of MIA lately, but we're still hanging in there. Little miss is apparently quite comfortable because we'll be 40 weeks on Sunday and I've stayed at a fingertip's dilation for the past 10 days...lol. I'm getting worried that this will be another 0cm to full dilated in 1 1/2 hour labor. We had that happen with our last baby and it was fast but extremely intense. All in all, we're doing good though. 


Yay for being GBS negative mamabeakley! I know that was a huge relief!

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