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Preeclampsia Folks, Please Chime In!

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So I had pre-e with DD. I started swelling at around 5-6 months, and eventually I got carpel tunnel and had to wear a brace in my hands. The swelling got really bad in my legs by the end and I had to wear DH's shoes. My blood pressure and protein were ok until the last three weeks (34-37). Apparently at that time I had a little protein, then the next week a bit more, and by the third week (37) it was enough to get me in the hospital getting bloodwork and an immediate induction. Unfortunately, the induction did not work and by day 3 my kidneys stopped working and I had to get a c-section. In the last week before I got admitted, I was feeling totally sluggish, didn't want to eat, and was sleeping most of the time. Plus my legs were so swollen I couldn't sit still in a chair. None of these things fell under the "call us if you feel..." category so I didn't call.

Fast forward to now. My OB/midwife team said they'll be watching me closely, and if I get pre-e again I'll be getting a scheduled c-section due to how risky things turned out last time. It's right about the same time (23 weeks) and I'm starting to swell. I had to take off my wedding ring, and I'm starting to get ankle/feet swelling. My eyes feel a bit puffy, too. I sleep 10-12 hours a night (thank you DD!!!) and still wake up feeling tired in my muscles and generally "blah." I've also been feeling nauseous at times. I just don't have much umph to me. I should mention this all came on somewhat quickly in the last two weeks, before which I felt great.

I'm freaking out, honestly. I have an appointment on Wednesday so I'm definitely going to be talking this over then. Is this a guaranteed downhill slope? I am upset about this because I'm scared, but also because I really REALLY REALLY want a chance to try for a natural birth. I know it will be hard for me to accept, even though healthy mama/baby are really all that matter. Please chime in with any stories/advice that may help. Thank you!!!
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Hug sweetie. Please call your doctor tomorrow, okay? I know you have an appt Wednesday, but it can't hurt to just call, right? Love you.
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I had pre-e with my DD too 6 years ago, and am pregnant with #2 now. We spoke to a high risk Dr a couple of years ago who told us that the likelihood of it happening again was somewhat correlated to the severity of the previous case. In my case it was severe and he said there was about a 50/50 chance it could happen again. Last time it started for me at 25 weeks and the hint was swelling in my ankles and feet that wouldn't go away and a persistent headache. Right now I'm at 32 weeks and I've had normal BP and protein, so you never know. I have figured out since my prior pregnancy that I am gluten intolerant, and I think the inflammation I had a result contributed to the pre-e and migraines I had. Most MD's kind of shrug when I mention this, but my current OB has a daughter with Celiac, so he totally understood how this could be the case.


I would call them tomorrow and let them know that you are starting to swell, in case they want you to come in before Wed to take your BP and urine. Do you have a way to check your BP at home? Last time I bought a home BP monitor at the drug store when I left the hospital because my BP was wacky for a while and I needed to keep track of it. I've used it a few times during this pregnancy to check it when I've gotten a headache (I won't call it paranoia after what I went through last time, but I feel much better seeing a normal reading and it reduces my stress level to know it's just a headache, and not necessarily a sign of something more ominous).


So call your Dr tomorrow instead of waiting for your appt on Wed and let them know what's going on. It's better to be proactive. They are watching you more closely so don't be afraid to call them. Some swelling doesn't necessarily mean that it's pre-e again, but you should have them check you out and they may want to see you more frequently as a result to keep a closer eye. If you do have to have another c-section, a healthy mama and baby are a great consolation prize! (I say this as someone who is having a repeat c-section smile.gif) Let me know how it goes, I understand why you are concerned and I'm sending good vibes your way!

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Thank you so much, you guys. Ella'smommy, thank you for putting it so well: it just can't be called paranoia after the seriousness of how things got last time. We have a home BP kit after last time, so I'll ask DH to take it again tonight. I really, really appreciate hearing stories of others. It helps me feel less alone in this. Carlyle, I love you! blowkiss.gif Thank you for always supporting me!
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I don't know if you and/or your doctor are open to herbal things that might help, but with my last pregnacy my midwife had me start drinking 4-6 glasses of Dandilion tea a day to help support my kidneys when I started showing early signs of pre-e. She said it would not stop the progression, but does help slow it down a lot and sometimes gives ladies a chance to birth before it gets so bad that you have to get induced or have a c-seciton.

My first birth was almost exactly what your first birth was. pre-e set in, they tried to induce, it was not going well, kidneys were shutting down, so they did a c-secition.

I agree that I would call your doctor sooner then your appointment to be on the safe side.
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So cut out gluten and drink dandelion tea? Did you call?
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I called. My midwife said my Bp is not bad, drink more water, see you Wednesday. I'll make sure to be pushy then, :-)
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It's Thursday...no update yet?  :)

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So, sorry....blush.gif Tough couple nights of sleep: after a week off from the last 3-month-long-teething-terror, DD has had a rough couple nights again and is working on the next 3-4 teeth. Argh! The appointment went well, there was ZERO protein in my urine, and my BP was back down. Maybe it was parent conferences after all? They want to see me in two weeks, and they are also checking my iron levels. I'm relieved, though still nervous. They said the fact that I'm swelling is a sign for alertness, but that everything looks "normal" now otherwise. Ugh, I just want to know if I am destined for another c-section, but I know it's just a matter of waiting and paying close attention. They also offered me to call anytime and come in to get tested if I feel iffy at ALL. I think they're being really alert. Thanks everybody!
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