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Exercise and health accountablility thread Nov.26-Dec. 2 - Page 2

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I'm so proud of myself.  I've already walked twice this week and it's only Wednesday.  


I did also manage to squeak in that last workout last week to make my 3/wk goal.  This week, I'm shooting to 4 times!


I've also been increasing the intensity a bit with incline and speed and I've been feeling better.  I even managed to walk last night after eating chinese!  I swore that last crab rangoon was going to take me out for the evening but eventually the guilt kicked in and I got my butt off the couch and walked. 


I do, sadly have a rather sad bath to thank for the recent motivation.  I showered over the weekend and then let the water run and sat in the tub for a bit after and holy cow, they should really post warnings near tubs that water magnifies things because I felt like a beached whale in that tub.  I realized that some of my excuses (it's just fluid retention! it's gotta just be the boobs that are adding those lbs!) weren't exactly true although I know part of my spare tire and saddlebags are still fluid filled.  I know I retain water like there's no tomorrow, especially if I eat anything salty, but I guess our diet of fast food and takeout caught up with me a bit and some of the 12 (12!) lbs I put on in my 16.5 weeks is milkshake, chinese food, and french fries.  So I vowed to do better and so far I have by making reasonable substitutions and subtractions (water for milk in my oatmeal, small glass of milk at night instead of a large one, water flavoring packets instead of juice or sweetened tea), plus making exercising a priority, and I hope it helps.  If it could help before my next appointment next tuesday that would be awesome.


I'm thinking about maybe doing some yoga tonight.

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Well done ladies!  I have made it to the gym twice this week (once for weights, once for cardio), today I am taking off, but will go tomorrow.  Then yoga Sunday.


Diet wise, I've been doing ok.  Well, I WAS doing ok until I stopped at Purdy's chocolates yesterday for some stocking stuffers and ended up also buying a bag of milk chocolate little bells.  I need to give those away.  I should know better than to buy chocolate!!!


I weighed myself last week and am up 9lbs total, but was really shocked that it was 4 lbs in just 1.5 weeks!  Trying to keep in mind that weight can fluctuate 5lbs in one day...

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Trying to keep in mind that weight can fluctuate 5lbs in one day...

Aha!  So all mine must just congregate in the morning when I weigh myself and then vacate after I get off the scale.  That must be it :)

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Originally Posted by nstewart View Post

Trying to keep in mind that weight can fluctuate 5lbs in one day...

Aha!  So all mine must just congregate in the morning when I weigh myself and then vacate after I get off the scale.  That must be it :)

ROTFLMAO.gifLove it!  I know mine fluctuates too so I only weigh myself in the morning.


I did manage to do some exercises Saturday night so I think I got in my 4 days last week.  I exercised yesterday.  Today DD1 woke with a cold and is SUPER needy so I am not sure what the rest of the week will look like.  Just trying to pack in lots of nutrient dense foods and hope that I don't get sick too!

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Aha!  So all mine must just congregate in the morning when I weigh myself and then vacate after I get off the scale.  That must be it :)

No, it likes to trick you.  Down 3lbs once, up 5 the next.  It's worse 'cause then  it looks like you're up 8lbs when you aren't up at all!  I don't think my math quite works but it's what I tell myself anyway. orngtongue.gif

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Well according to my scale I gained 3 lbs last week!?!????? I thought I wouldn't have gained any since I didn't have much of an appetite. I am kind of constipated so I am hoping that counts toward something but I am also making homemade custard today to try and use up some heavy cream that I bought too much of.


The good news is I walked the treadmill for 30 minutes today and now that we have a good base of snow I can pull DD (30 lbs.) to the mailbox and back and out to the barn to do some animal chores. Hopefully that can stave off anymore jumps on the scale.

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It seems no matter what I do I gain each week.  Up to 13 lbs now at 17 weeks.  I'm going to be HUGE by the time I'm 40 weeks.  


I did manage to get my 3 times in although my third was just walking around shopping (we were out for hours though and walked a ton) because my back was bothering me again and the baby is going through a growth spurt and I'm super tired all the sudden.  Yet I still gained a pound.  


I've been trying to be better about drinking water.  I'm a camel normally and it's not unusual for me to only drink my 16 oz of tea at work and then maybe a glass of water with dinner and nothing more.  When I try to lose weight I usually do pretty well and then plateau and upping my water intake usually helps as I retain water like there's no tomorrow so I figured maybe that would help.  I've been pretty good about adding at least an extra glass of water during the evening, sometimes two, not counting when I work out and have even been getting in an extra 20 oz at work but I wasn't able to do that every day last week.  Maybe if I'm more consistent about it I'll lose some of the fluid weight?  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (although my scale at home now says what theirs said a month ago...I hate their scale) and I'm scared of what that's going to read.


My back is acting up again too so it's hard to exercise when you're in pain.  Going to ask about that too when at the doctor's tomorrow.


Shooting again for at least 3 times this week, 4 is the goal.

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Umm, already December 10.  Wow.  So, I made it to the gym 3 times last week, but skipped out on Yoga Sunday.  I was totally exhausted and didn't feel super hot, so I had a nap instead. smile.gif


This week is going to be CRAZY but I managed to make it to the gym for 30 mins of really good cardio even though it meant bringing work home.  I am hoping to make it twice more this week, plus yoga but it's going to be tough (in a seminar all day tomorrow, MC for a Christmas function on Thursday during the day and have to help with set up, etc. so that day is shot, and I only work a half day on Friday).  I don't see any reason I can't make yoga on Sunday though, and the weather is supposed to stay nice so some outdoor time on Saturday would be good.  Maybe we can take DS tobogganing or something.

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Bailey, How nice to have a treadmill!  I love walking!  Uh, that sounds weird but i just find it relaxing.  I keep trying to talk myself into going on walks with the girls in the wagon (our snow melts off pretty quickly when we get it.) but I have to pull both of them if I want to walk long enough to get a good workout.  On the other hand, maybe since I am pulling two I don't need to go so far.


Amanda, Don't beat yourself up over weight gain.  You're pregnant, it happens.  I have heard that adding lemon to your water can help with water retention so you might give that a shot.  Just keep moving and try to eat nutrient dense food.  Your body will do what it needs.  I gained 37 pounds with each pregnancy and in the end I am glad i gained that much because I tend to lose a lot while nursing-i needed the fat stores!


NStewart, Wow!  Your week sounds very busy!  I hope you meet your goals but I think it's ok to take a break if you need to!


I only exercised one time last week.  Sad face.  The kids got sick and my chest was a little tight so I just rested.  I think that was best though.  I managed to get in a workout this morning though!  I am hoping that Thursday or Friday I can get to the library to pick up a prenatal yoga DVD...or maybe I'll just order one. 


I have been SO hungry.  I can eat a ridiculous amount before I get full.  This morning for breakfast I had 2 eggs, 2 small sausage, a mound of spinach, a latte and 2 or 3 banana muffins.  That's a lot of food!

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Yes, it is really nice to have a treadmill. It came from GIL who never used it and we got it free so that was a big bonus. I had an issue not having enough fat in my milk last time so I am trying to not let the weight gain get to me but it is on my mind a little bit more for some reason. I am really lucky though. My best friend is pregnant too, about 7 weeks ahead of me and she is 6'2", so it's nice to have another taller girl who gains a good amount of weight when pregnant to hangout with.


CBM -  I went through that can't get enough to eat about 2 weeks ago and my fundal height jumped from 2 cm behind to on track in a week!

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AmandaLynnH, don't beat yourself up about weight gain, some bodies just want to gain more weight while pregnant. Also, doctor's scales all suck!

Been getting in walking and that is about it, but haven't been feeling up to more. Once we get our basement recarpeted and set up, we'll have our recumbent bike to use again which is good and TV with DVD player to watch stuff which makes it even better!
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Off to go on my treadmill for a good 30 mins or so. I am glad I finally feel good multiple days in a row and get some excercise in.

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Thanks ladies.  As I mentioned before I have a few body image issues thanks to my super-helpful mother so the weight gain is hard for me.  I haven't weighed this much since before I had some severe stomach problems a few years ago and I was really unhappy with my body at that point so psychologically it's odd for me although I know I look nothing like I did at that point and most of my clothes still fit except my super skinny jeans and those that don't fit are in the belly where they shouldn't fit anymore.  


Nothing to report here for me yet this week.  Back is acting up and I'm pretty sure the baby stole my life force today as I am so tired.  I'm 3 weeks into another 6 weeks though so I have to make it happen 3 times this week.  There's $$$ at stake!

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I've had another busy week, so not a lot happening here. I have done 15 min of pre-natal yoga each morning so far, but no walking yet. I am planning to walk to get DD from school this afternoon though, so that should help. It feels like the week has been going on for a while now, but I realize it is only Tuesday, so I guess I'm not as behind as I thought! I am going to pick up a new pre-natal workout DVD at the library tomorrow, so am looking forward to checking that out.

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I had a great run yesterday, just kept on going through the rough start (the first 1.5-2M I just feel winded and tired and wonder what on Earth I'm thinking, ha) and ended up running 5M.  Yay!  Too bad my hip and back are sore today as a result.  I find myself adjusting my posture a lot to aid my back lately, and the soreness the next day still isn't enough to deter me from running, but I do wonder how long I'll be able to keep this up.


I *really* want to start doing some weight training for my arms/back/shoulders but have to find the energy.  It's tough right now with a lot to get done for the holidays.


Has anyone tried any sort of back/belly support for exercising later in pregnancy?  

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Well, I have this built in mandatory exercise which I really resent when I don't feel well since we walk to all appointments, to school, to the grocery, etc.  But I must say, it makes me rethink how ill I need to be before I cancel my workouts in the future.  Its really made me rethink how much I should be walking when I return to the US.


While I was away, I only walked when running errands and dr appointments, which was pretty much every single day.  But I still gained 4 lbs in 3 weeks I was gone.  And my fundal height is still behind by 3 cm.  Starting last Friday, I walked 7 miles, Sat was 2, Sunday 3, Monday 2, and today about 3.5.  I still have the rest of the week to go, and it looks like it will be 3.5 tomorrow and the rest of the week.


I am so hungry, and yet nothing really appeals.  I had to explain to DH that asking me what I want to eat any earlier then 10 mins before is too early and difficult for me to predict.

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My husband and I train w/ kettlebells so i workout about 1x a week, b4 i got pg is was alot more and then my 1st trimester i didnt do anything for 3 months. i was very sick. so its nice to do my training again...


normally i do something like this


20 swings x3 w/ a 18 or 26#kb




2 reps of squats/presses ea arm w/ 18#kb


i hate running/walking or anything of that sort. Probably we will start swimming as a family on fridays but idk...for now this is good. when i get bigger i like the water tho!

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Thank you SO MUCH for starting this thread. This is the first time I've posted and am 17 weeks along at this point in my first pregnancy. I did REALLY well exercising in the very beginning, then the fatigue combined with a forever cold just wiped me out and I was lucky to get to work and back home on any given day. I'm starting to try to get back into things - even if it's just walking around my house for a half hour throwing in some exercize here and there!


I'd love to hear your recommendations for prenatal yoga videos. I have a pilates/dance one that I love, but I need some variety!

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I used one of those belly lifters later in my pg with DS, I think it was just a drug store special.  It did seem to help!


Well, work was crazy last week and I only made 2 workouts.  One day Cardio, one day Prenatal Yoga.  This week both DS and I have been sick, so I haven't made it to the gym at all!  I am leaving town on Saturday for a week, so I'm not going to have access to my gym.  I will have to aim for going on a few walks, but it is supposed to be ffffffreezing at the inlaws (like highs of -23C...brrr) so I don't know that I'm going to be up for spending a ton of time outside.  Maybe I'll at least pack a prenatal yoga video (but will I actually do it...hmmm).


Hope everyone else is doing better than me!

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Last week was a flop.  I only exercised on Monday.  Fail. 


So far this week I exercised Monday and today.  So that's great.  I am having a hard time not eating too much sugar with all the holiday goodies around.  Sugar is my big downfall.  I usually do a good job of avoiding refined sugar for the most part but am having a hard time right now!  I think I should be able to exercise again tomorrow morning.  I REALLY need to get another DVD though.  I am a giant sissy about the cold so I need more indoor options.  I should be used to it since I've lived here for 25 years but I just don't like it.

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