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Gift ideas for a second child

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I have 3 girls, 6yrs, 3yrs, and 2months.  The 6 and 3 year old are great friends and play together plenty.  We have tons of play kitchen things, silks, dolls, doll house, bike/scooter, blocks/magnatiles, a swing set, and so on.  I have TONS of idea for Christmas gifts for my 6 year old, who is hitting all sorts of new phases/abilities.  I have some simple ideas for my 2 month old so she has some gifts without creating clutter or spending lots of money.  I'm absolutely at a loss for my 3 year old.  We do "something to read, something to wear, something to play with, and something to share" as well as a few stocking stuffers from Santa and a gift from the parents.  I have no idea for a play with gift or a gift from us, and limited ideas for stocking stuffers.  We start home schooling again in January after a break with the new baby.  DD2 likes to "do school" at the table with me and DD1, and we have boxes set up with activities.  Maybe things that are fun and relatively independent for at the school table?  I've considered a small trampoline, which she would LOVE, but I think may just send me over the edge.  I want limited clutter and bulk.   help.gif

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My kids loved the year I put home made playdough with glitter in their stockings. I just poured a bit of glitter into my usual playdough recipe.


Is she into crafty things, if so pipe cleaners, glue sticks, sticky tape, children's scissors (especially the ones that cut fancy edges) are all things I've put in stockings. My kids have spent ages with a bag of those mini craft pom poms, sorting them into egg boxes, moving them around with tweezers or chopsticks, using them for maths work and of course gluing them to paper.


Have you seen the bilibo? again our kids have had quite a lot of fun with it.

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A bilibo is a fun idea.  I may do that.  Fancy edge scissors are another thing we don't have.  Those with colorful paper and a glue stick would be a great "school box" for her.  Thank you :)

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Fancy edge scissors are pretty hard to manipulate, FYI.


I'd think about her absolute favorite things and gift there, even if you feel you like you have a lot of X. If DS loves play kitchen then new play kitchen stuff it is. or dress up or whatever. It took me , cough, awhile that I really need to honor her individual experience as a child and not just trying to buy stuff we didn't have.

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