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Homebirth Tribe?

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Anyone else planning a homebirth yet?


Or want to know more information?

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I am planning a homebirth though I am waiting to hear back from my 1st choice midwife practice to see if they would like to take me on as a client. (I am at the edge of their distance/travel range and have some different risks with the bicornuate uterus.) They said they will let me know this week... I am sooooo nervous, feels like asking someone out in highschool and waiting for the note back that will say "of course I wont" - but I am really hoping for a "we'd love to work with you."

This would be my first homebirth as my DD was born in a hospital with midwives.

I'd love to hear any other mommas out there considering homebirth

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That's very exciting - good luck to you, Amlikam! I wish I could do a HB, but I'll likely be considered "high risk" again. I had GD with my first and recently failed the glucose test by TWO measly points.

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My last birth was a WBAC *water birth after c-sec, and we did great. I'm planing on having one again this time, BUT I live in the border between Mexico and USA  and there is no way I can have a homebith in Mexico, well at least in Ciudad Juarez.


I talked to a midwife in El Paso, TX and she says that I can rent an apartment over there to birth . My due date is June 28th, that means that I need to rent the apartment for two months and obviously my insurance won't cover the homebirth. That is a lot of money right there. So I'm looing around to see what we can do to make this possible.

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We're planning a home birth for this baby. Our second was a homebirth after a stressful1st hospital birth. We moved before our 3rd baby was born. She was a planned homebirth, but the midwife canceled so we went the hospital route. It was a wonderfully different hospital experience & really allayed my fears of hospitals. Also we were living in an RV so I had planned to rent a hotel room for the birth which is probably more feasible than an apt. Just be considerate & bring your own linens. Some of them have nice big bathtubs as well. There is ZERO room to walk around in an RV, especially in winter. But, Providentially, we're in a nice doublewide modular w/ a huge bath tub. When looking to buy the house my husband & I looked at each other & said "Babies!" as soon as we saw the master bath.

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Originally Posted by Cuau View Post

My last birth was a WBAC *water birth after c-sec, and we did great. I'm planing on having one again this time, BUT I live in the border between Mexico and USA  and there is no way I can have a homebith in Mexico, well at least in Ciudad Juarez.


Hi Cuac - why can't you have a WB in Juarez or somewhere nearby?

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We are planning our second home birth. The first went extremely well and fast. So fast that the midwife didn't make it.
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This will be our fifth HB.  My last was a waterbirth and I don't know if we will have another. My MW almost did not take me because I have since moved and she felt it was a bit far out so, I can really relate with you there amlikam. I have my first appointment on Wednesday hopefully all goes well.

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This will be my second HB. Fifth baby. I'm planning on another waterbirth like last time. It was awesome! I may have to move a few weeks before the babe is born though so I'm not sure how that will work. I'll be on the very edge of the range my MW will drive too which means big fat extra fee. Eek. Gotta have my MW though. I love her!

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I wish for one, but I'm also feeling okay if the hospital is our better option. For me, it's a matter of finances - we really, really want to buy a house in a couple of months, so we aren't sure if finances will allow for a homebirth. Meanwhile, my insurance covers 100% of everything with a hospital birth. Ridiculous. :(

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We have been looking into a home birth, and while i love the idea, i just don't think we will be able to swing it financially :(  We have a Magic Chef furnace, (the company closed in the mid 80's or something), so we have to have enough cash for that if it breaks this season, plus we will need to buy a second car once LO comes....And insurance covers 100% for a hospital birth.  I know some people have a big deductible so it makes paying for the HB a little more justified.  Luckily, we have a decent hospital option nearby where we can do a waterbirth, and having been through the process before I feel like I can be a much better advocate for myself this time around. My biggest obstacle is going to be dealing with the staff pediatricians, since we want almost no after birth procedures and the staff is very conventional.  I wish having a HB was more accessible, but happy that things around here are moving that direction.  We are waiting to hear back what the MW says about insurance coverage; they were being extremely noncommittal, so she sent a bill to see if they cover. 

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We are planning our second vbac homebirth this time, assuming everything stays normal. Very much looking forward to it - the last one was great!
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My first was a homebirth, and we're planning for a second. I loved being at home and don't think I'd be able to relax and let my guard down as well anywhere else.

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Planning a home birth for number one. Like you said, BabySmurf, I have a high deductible, so even though its spendy, it's still cheaper than a hospital. And midwife is a CNM, so if we get better insurance it might cover (fingers crossed). I have been to one home birth as a doula and baby was born within the hour that I arrived. And a friend of mine just had her first babe, a water birth, and didn't even have to push! And she is a skinny lil thing. So I am feeling pretty good that this is the right path for me smile.gif
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I'm a little jealous.  It's not an option for me because we are in a rental with a ridiculous landlord and we'll be moving cross country exactly two weeks after this babe is born (depending on the actual debut).  I'm a little sad I cannot nest, settle in or have other options.  So, the hospital it is.  I'm not really worried about interventions, because my will is stronger than theirs, but still...I shall live vicariously through you mammas!  Perhaps for the next one.  :)  

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I am still shocked at how insurance wont cover HB. Golly! But at the same time I am glad because it means midwives practice for the love and not the insurance payout. But as a consumer I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for the insurance to cover HB. My deductible is high and with my first one I ended up paying almost as much as a homebirth. As a doula, I see the value of a homebirth.

I always tell women, even if they know the answer - to call and ask the insurance company if doulas or homebirth midwives are covered under thier plan. This helps the insurance company know there is a market for offering these services under their plan long term and can help to change the culture. :-)


There is a chance I might risk out of being elgible for HB but so far the midwives all think it is a go as of now.


ETA: I go seen an OBGYN today as part of my care model, the midwives feel it is best I have concurrent care because of my bicornuate uterus, thyroid, and history of preterm labor. I am feeling ok about the visit only because it is next to an artisian chocolatier Sheepish.gif

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The homebirth midwives around here that I know personally would really rather NOT bill insurance (the ones that will actually pay out!), because they only get reimbursed up to $1800 (or something near that) - whereas they're charging approx. $3000 for their services from prenatal - postpartum. Not fair! I'm not understanding how they'll pay $20k+ without a blink of an eye...but this measly $3k is too much for them.


My hospital has great jacuzzi tubs for laboring in, but you aren't allowed to deliver in them. How exactly does this work? Do they FORCE you out upon pushing? I mean, I don't think anyone can get me to move my butt once I'm at that point! I wish more hospitals around here would get with the program...I live in a very birth friendly city, but the hospitals are slow to catch on. My options for hospital water birth just aren't close enough to get to (given my last birth was 45 minutes start to finish - I don't anticipate SUCH a precipitous birth this time, as it's been almost 8 years since my body has done this...but still, don't want to be caught in the car!)

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We are still deciding. My wife was concerned about the cost because my insurance does not cover HB at all. It would cost more than twice as much as the hospital. But I live 2 blocks from the hospital so laboring at home for as long as possible is an option as well. The funny thing is that it turns out my wife was so concerned because she thought I had told her that HB would cost about $8000! When I told her it was more like $4000-$5000, she felt much better. We have to look at our finances and decide. We would really like for me to stay home at least 3 months after the baby is born so that extra $2000 could make a difference. I think we need to get on it though so we can find someone and get on the books for June.
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We are planning a home birth again this time around (#2). Had a great labor at home with #1 but transferred after 4+ hours of pushing with an almost-but-not crowning baby due to unusually obstructive pelvic floor muscles. I am feeling positive that things will go this time around!

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I met with my midwives this Monday and really LOVED having that time to really connect with being pregnant. It wasn't feeling real, really until then. Just a few weeks until my next appointment and already I am wicked excited. Time is flying, I cannot believe I am in the 2nd trimester!!!!

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