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completely feeling the clean house stress! I feel like I can't keep up with it between working, my 22 month old  and losing energy by the day. I guess its a typical stress for those of us having home births. I finally got a few things frozen as far as food for birth attendants... Baked Ziti in freezer and some awesome gluten free muffins. I also bought a powder dip packet and some sour cream that doesn't expire until end of June so as long as labor doesn't go super fast I will send DH to pick up some fresh veggies in early labor.It's hard to know what snacks to have on hand for myself during labor not sure what if anything I will be in the mood for.Thinking maby veggies in dip or fresh fruit. I have home made labor aid ice cubes frozen and bottles of recharge and coconut juice. (I like to add the labor aid ice cubes to the drinks.                                        

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ShannaCat, I am totally freezing watermelon!  That has been on my mind for weeks now.  I have been really enjoying cold crunchy things and the thought of frozen fruit just makes me happy.  Frozen grapes, frozen watermelon and cantaloupe chunks, frozen orange juice cubes, frozen magnesium/calcium water cubes.  I am going all out of the frozen stuff.  Not that it's going to be incredibly hot here (is it ever?), but I already get so hot so easily that I think it'll be nice.  Cold in my mouth, hot water on my body.  I figure small bites will be good so I won't have to think much about biting off enough to fit in my mouth. 


Okay, I really need to get my freezer cleaned out so I can start doing this!

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We are planning our 4th homebirth.  All of the others were waterbirths at home, we'll see if this baby is born in the water as well stillheart.gif

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