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I think my ds would love this. He enjoys computer stuff but his dad and I don't have any programming experience at all, so I'm looking for something that he would be able to use mostly independently, though I may try it out myself since I probably should learn a bit. I don't mind spending the $60 for the program if he'll learn a lot from it. 


If you have used it, would you say the grade levels associated with each level are accurate? Maybe that's hard to say, but I guess my ds would be pretty typical for a kids his age. 


otherwise, do you have any other recommendations for us. I think ds would work better with something that is cd or online based rather than say an instructional book or video. 


Also it KidCoder is a good program, should we opt for the windows programming or the game programming. I think he's enjoy the game one, but I don't know if windows stuff would be a prerequisite, in terms of content flow.