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Homeopathic First Aid Kit

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Hi ladies,


I'm working on creating a sort of first aid/medical kit for the babies. What should be in my homeopathic first aid kit? Any recommendations for various ointments, etc would be lovely...or, perhaps better yet, if anyone knows of a great kit I can buy online that has practically everything I need, please provide a link! I am registered for a Red Cross baby first aid kit or something of the sort, but I noticed on some other threads people had some homemade cough syrups, etc.


I do realize I could probably research this on my own, but I am just so tired!


If there's not a ready-made kit, top-10 lists would be appreciated. Hopefully other first-time mamas will also find the info helpful.

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i ALWAYS have handy in my home, although i have much more than this but these are musts: 


--activated charcoal (for ingested toxins)

--real, pure aloe vera leaf juice pulp. no added colors, etc. keep it refrigerated. 

--chamomile tea

--comfrey/chickweed balm

--eucalyptus leaf (keep in freezer; for facial steam/vapor when congested)

--ginger chews

--lavender essential oil (calming but also if you or child gets an insect sting, put it on immediately and ice the area and it's gone in minutes)

--homemade licorice root/slippery elm lozenges. i can post my recipe if you'd like

--peppermint tea (digestive aid)

--tea tree oil

--witch hazel



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The homeopathic remedy manufacturers I think put together a kit.  I know I was offered the option to buy one from my homeopath a few years ago when I was going.  Here is a website describing what you could get to assemble one.







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I just found a kids specific kit online I put on my registry http://www.iherb.com/Hyland-s-Homeopathic-Kid-s-Kit-7-Piece-Kit/3826

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garlic oil and colloidal silver...I am a Master Herbalist and these are indispensable items.

Garlic oil on the feet for viruses...etc. Colloidal silver for ample issues. Oh, and gumomile.

it is a name brand product but it is in my babies kit always it is the best teething help I have ever had!

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