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Anyone go to a developmental neurologist?

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During my first appointment with the doctor, she just said my daughter needed testing through the school, and make a follow up appointment after she got the results.  Well we are going for a PPT tomorrow to get the results and determine special education needs then the following day is the follow up with the doctor.  I am just not really sure what her function is, especially if we already had her tested and evaluated through the school.  Can anyone help me with this? Also what questions should I be asking?


By the way, although I haven't received the full test results, my daughter is generally above average intelligence, but she is socially immature, with decreased processing speed, reading difficulties, sensory issues, a vestibular processing disorder and borderline attention issues.  As I have been told a couple of times , she is "complicated", but aren't all children?

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I'd see how thorough the school's evaluation is.  The thing is, they can't diagnose anything.  They can provide information.  It may be that the developmental neuro wanted you to get the tests done for free by the school, and he/she will fill in the gaps with further evaluation or use the information to make diagnoses for your daughter.  The thing is, you should not walk out of anywhere not knowing why you are seeing them.  Ask.  Ask questions.  You are paying that person and spending your time to get information.  My experience with the schools is that they are less than helpful when it comes to "complicated".  And yes, all children are complicated, but when there are several co-concurrent things going on, the schools just don't have the knowledge or experience to do a diagnosis like a developmental neurologist can.  I have had zero helpful information from the school system, and read about it everywhere.  I was a teacher before I had children and always wondered about parents who had outside evals done, but I now understand.  Outside evals look at the entire child, rather than just the child in the school success sense.  Outside evaluators are able to keep more up to date on skills and research.  Outside evaluators can diagnose.  You went specifically to a developmental neurologist.  You need to ask questions next time you spend time and money on this person.  If she doesn't give you answers, find a second opinion person until you understand what this person's role is and how he/she can help you adn your daughter.  Good luck!



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Our experience with a developmental ped was that they asked for the school evaluation as a way to get more info from more than one source, not so much as to leave the matter alone from there. I would follow up with the pediatrician about when to check in and review the school assessment together and make it clear that you are paying to find out beyond what the school can say. We had the best luck when all evaluators worked together.
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