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How much clothing?

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How much clothing do you keep for each child?

We are so fortunate to receive hand-me-downs from multiple families, but it is more than we need. I'm brainstorming how much to keep for each size so I can donate the rest. TIA for your input! :-)
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For my 5 year old dd  I have at least 20 tops and 10 bottoms.  My DD also has about 8 dresses, 5 skirts and 5 or 6 pair of leggings


DS who is 7 has about 20 tops, 8-10 pair of pants/ sweats and 5 hoodies


DD who is 9 has 5 or 6 pairs of jeans, a jillion leggings and probably 25 tops and sweaters


DD who is 13- who knows - it's all over her floor


\For the younger 3- if they don't wear it- it goes!  

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I have enough to wear for 2 weeks without washing (when we take a vacation its usually 2 weeks and I avoid doing laundry if I can help it). If it isn't worn within 6 months it goes, except for winter jackets and DH's dress uniforms.

I keep clothing without stains and tears for the next child when the older one grows out of it. If you aren't planning on having more children Id say save a few favorites (just in case) and give the rest to someone who can use it.
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I have the same issue and keep about 10 days worth (so more outfits for little ones). I wash every week so it gives me wiggle room.

To keep for handing down in our family, I keep a little more, but never put it in the closet for different gender/fit/season

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I was just coming here to ask that same question.  We get a million hand me downs from my nieces and my MIL usually buys a few outfits, both of which are a huge blessing!  It's a lot though.  I already go through and get rid of things often but I still feel like it's more than we need.  Looking at the numbers here maybe it's not so bad though.  It's also not like I'm over-buying and wasting our money but I just don't want to hoard.  I do try to look at things and get rid of/pack away what doesn't get worn or I don't like.  Without going to count I'd say they both probably have at least 15-18 outfits but they are messy kids so many times we do go through more than one. 


ETA: I know it's not better but sometimes i fantasize about throwing it all out and starting from scratch because I would buy differently.  My SIL shops for outfits whereas I would probably go for more versatile things that I could layer in the winter.  e.i.  (because I have girls) dresses in the summer that they could then wear leggings and a long sleeve tee under in the winter. 

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