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A cat we need to get rid of

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My boyfriend wanted a companion cat for the cat he already had and since my cousin and his wife were having a baby they wanted to get rid of their cat because she was worried about all the cat fur and the allergies the baby may have.  This is what SHE said.  I think they wanted to get rid of the D%$%#@ thing because it has issues.  It is skittish and can't take sudden movements.  Too many people moving around sends it bouncing off the walls and you can't crumble paper in the house with it running crazy.


I HATE this cat.  The other cat barely tolerates it.  Before we moved in it was no problem because it was only my boyfriend but with me and my daughter here and we are more social so there is always something going on.  When my daughter had her birthday party a few weeks back we had to leave the cats out and this cat was going nuts. My boyfriend feels bad because he thinks it's not the cats fault and we are just dumping him after my cousins did but I am beyond caring at this point. I too have done the Craigslist thing but no takers.  Rhode Island's shelters are full and you have to have an EXTREME reason before some of the others will take a cat because they are full and more into helping you place your cat.  


I want this cat gone before the new year! Ideally we could place the cat with an older person or couple who have very little or no social life so it won't be bouncing off the walls.  

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Hi there.  I'm sorry about the trouble you're having.  Having a pet that isn't a good fit can be stressful.  I really wish I had a great answer for you, but I do cat rescue and even have trouble finding homes for my adorable 8 week old kittens.  I would say just try to be patient; think of rehoming as a goal but you want to keep this cat's best interests at heart and really take the time to find a good fit.  Ads at vet offices, pet stores, schools, etc. can sometimes give you leads.  Spreading the word to friends/family.  Also see if you can put fliers around retirement communities that allow pets.  I wish you luck. 

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