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Little Edison is here!! -- UPDATE

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Barely made it to the hospital in time! Born on 11/27 at 7:25pm 8lb 2oz and 20.5 inches long. Nursing and enjoying my baby moon! Will post the story later--who doesn't love a "barely made it" birth?! orngbiggrin.gif

This might get a little lengthy, because I want to remember all the details! I was woken up by a whopper ctx at 4am. I layed in bed waiting for another to come but nothing happened. I went to sleep and went about my morning having my normal random ctx, only a little more intense. Around lunch time I was having to stop and concentrate to get through them. At this point my mom was at my house helping with the boys. She suggested I start timing them, and I told her I would after lunch and the boys were down for nap.

2pm rolls around and I'm dealing with ctx on my hands and knees, doing hip rolls. They were about 45 seconds long, 5 minutes apart. My mom keeps telling me I need to call DH, call the midwife, go to the hospital! I told her they were manageable and this baby was probably not coming until late that night/early the next day, and she should go home for a while. My mom says, "yeah right! I'm not leaving you in labor!"

I called to cancel my NST/AFI appointment because my ctx were too serious for me to drive anywhere and I figured there was no point since baby was on his way! The nurse suggested I come in so they could confirm if I was actually in labor or not and I declined. No way did I want to labor in the hospital longer than I had to!

At some point in the afternoon my kids woke up and started wreaking their normal havoc. I was pretty well in labor land during ctx, but I was chasing after them and playing when I could in between. DH gets home at 5pm and jumps in the shower. I finally convince my mom she can leave and pack her overnight bag--she was staying the night with the boys.

After DH gets out of the shower I start throwing dinner together between ctx. At some point they get too intense and I tell him he needs to take over. I was on my hands and knees when I felt a small, quick gush. It stopped so I thought I had peed my pants and I ran upstairs to change. Holy cow, did things get intense then! I couldn't leave the bathroom so I got into the shower to try to relieve some of the intensity. I should have known I was in transition, because I started having thoughts of, "I can't do this! Why the hell did I want a natural birth?!" I'm not sure how long I was in the shower, but at some point I felt my body give a big push. I scream down to DH that he needs to call a sitter and get up stairs.

Things get a little fuzzy for me after that. DH had a hard time getting a hold of a neighbor to come watch the kids. The kids were bouncing off the walls and being generally crazy. I was trying to keep my cool and deal with the pain while getting things together to leave. Finally our neighbor came and DH started helping me get ready. He tried to get me to put pants on while I was having a ctx and I wanted to tear his head off! I think it took me 10 minutes just to get down the stairs, ctx were one on top of the other and I was trying so hard to keep my body from pushing.

On our way out to the car I had to stop and lean on DH. I told him my body was pushing and he says,"well don't do that!" I'm glad I had a towel to sit on in the car because by this point I was bleeding. Thankfully the ctx let up a little during the 20 minute drive to the hospital, but picked right up in the parking lot. My body gave a big push as I was getting out of the car and I told DH we need to hurry.

I barely made it to the elevator and by the time we got off on the L&D floor my body gave another push and I could feel baby's head descending! Made for an awkward waiting room moment when I screamed, "Oh my god I can feel his head!" everyone certainly cleared out of our way. A nurse tried to sideline us to get me to sit down and give her all my info. DH and I both yelled at her that the baby was coming an we needed to move! I waddled into triage where we were left alone until the resident heard me grunting, trying not to push, and came in to check me. I was complete, water had broken and baby was coming. Uh, duh, I told you that already lady!

They wheeled the bed to a delivery room and people were rushing everywhere and trying to get info from us. DH and I were arguing with the staff everytime they tried to put an IV in me (a nurse actually wanted to administer pitocin!) I had a fit when I saw them putting the stirrups up, and I think I actually slapped a nurses hand away when she tried to hook me up to a fetal monitor. At some point I remember yelling "no! Leave me alone I need to stand up and PUSH!" so I did! I got up in a squat with my arms around the back of the bed and roared that baby out! I was LOUD. As he was crowning I felt like I was going to tear so I yelled at the doctor to give me some perenium support. He was trying to coach my pushes but I completely ignored him. It felt so good to finally stop fighting my body and just push!

After about 4 pushes Edison Monroe was born into my own hands! I unwrapped the cord from his neck and told them I didn't want it cut yet and that I wanted it cut by DH. I think the staff had accepted that I was doing this MY way and there was no sense in arguing. The cord stopped pulsing fairly quickly, DH clamped and cut it, I took my shirt and bra off and laid down with my sweet baby on my chest!

I apologized to the staff for yelling at them so
much, they just laughed it off.

After the delivery my MW arrived to deliver the placenta. The nurses were amazed that I had given birth squating, "I didn't know they could come out that way!" one of them said. I also had it expressed to me a few times that it was amazing that I had a completely natural, mother directed birth with the most conservative perinatologist in the hospital attending.

I thought it was ridiculous that after I had the baby they were still trying to get an IV in me, but I consented to a hep lock. I ended up having a small dose of pit to slow my bleeding, I had the same problem with my last delivery. All in all, Edison was born about 10 minutes after we arrived at the hospital and we are both doing great!

In retrospect, I realize that I wasn't convinced I was in real labor until transition, because that is when it started to feel like my previous pitocin induction. Natural labor contractions were nothing compared to 13 hours of pit! I also see that when I felt like I had wet myself that was actually my water breaking but it didn't keep flowing because baby's head corked me up! I'm amazed at the lack of knowledge about natural birth in the hospital, and I hope I maybe showed at least 1 person that birth does not have to be managed in every case.

Sorry I wrote a book here!
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Woohoo!!And yay for another fast birth! Can't wait to see pics and read the story :)

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Congrats!  I loooooove the name!

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somehow I missed this post..

awesome story! yay and congrats :)

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Wow, what an amazing birth--congratulations and welcome to Edison!

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