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Birth "Predictions" (for silliness!)

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Hey Mummas!

While we are waiting for our little ones to be cooked through let's make some silly predictions about our labours/births/bubs! (Saw November ladies doing this)

Since the beginning of this pregnancy I have thought Girl.
And mostly feeling the 28th (Nov or Dec)
I'm thinking I have a 7 pounder in there, and no feelings about length.
Imagining labour and birth to be average length smile.gif

Just for fun- what premonitions are you having??
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I think my baby will come on Dec 8.  Mainly because I read out the possible dates to him and that is the one he kicked on.  lol.gif
My guess for his weight is 7 lb 9 oz and length is 19"
I think I'll wake up with contractions very early in the morning and continue laboring throughout the day and he'll be born that evening.
I also am crossing my fingers for a redheaded baby boy because my dh has red hair!

edit: I guessed his weight and length exactly right. also my labor went the same way I predicted. he has auburn hair and I am thinking it might lighten and maybe pick up some more red. the only thing I got wrong was the birth date - he came on november 29.

We should come back and edit our posts after our babies are born and say how close/far off our guesses were.
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Love the thread idea!

I was sure he would be born 2 days ago Monday LOL.  OK now I'm saying before next Tues 4/12 (EDD 3/12).

I'd say between 7 and 8 pounds, and tall.

Quickish labor like 6 hours beginning to end. Peace.gif

We'll see!!!

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These threads are always fun!
I think this baby will be born 12/17 at 41 weeks (but I have never had so few symptoms before and birth feels very far off so at the moment even that date seems a bit early but I am going with it)!


I think this little guy will be the biggest of my babies (my others were 7 pounds and 7 pounds, 11 oz). I am guessing this one will be closer to 8 pounds and 21 inches.


As far as labor. I am figuring it will be somewhere between the other two (so somewhere between 2 - 7 hours).


However, after saying all that I will say that I was so sure this was a girl (and I was wrong) and I am having NONE of the prodromal labor I had with the others so I think this time around will just be full of surprises! orngbiggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by tropicana74 View Post
 so I think this time around will just be full of surprises! orngbiggrin.gif

Yes, I'm sure I'm in for surprises too! lol.gif

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I'm going to say the 23rd or the 30th (i've told him the 23rd would be good, but i'm feeling the 30th)

Born early morning after a 6-8 hour labor

10+lbs 22"

(i'm hoping for smaller, but since he and i have both been measuring big i'm preparing for a big baby)

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I have been fantasizing about a Christmas eve babe pretty much this whole time, lol...so no sense in jumping ship now thumb.gif


I guess I should add that my EDD is 12/21 lol

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Fun! I'm going with 11/30 as my first guess bc DD1 and I have b-days on the 30th of the month. Or 12/6 bc DH and DD2 are born on the 6th of their months. Although my EDD isn't until 12/10 and DD1 was 10 past hers and DD2 was 2 days past hers (and ill bet she would've gone longer except my water broke). One can hope to go a bit early though. smile.gif
Both my girls were smallish at 7#7oz and 7#5oz but since this is a boy I'm going for an even 8# and 21" long.
Both of my labors were pretty long but I'm hoping to wake up early with contrax and labor throughout the day and have him late afternoon early evening. Would love not to have to labor all night (or 2 like with DD2!).
Of course Ill probably be 2 weeks late and labor for 2 days but ah well, whatever will be will be. smile.gif
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I really have no premonitions, just a pattern that my body usually follows - but with a new dad/new dna in the mix... 


But my date prediction I'm saying is Jan. 15th - which is 10 days past my due date.  I'm now sort of thinking it might be a couple days sooner, but I'll stick with my original guess.

I'm also going to say a girl, around 9 lbs, and that my active labor will be fairly quick (for me anyway) - around 4 hours, followed by - I meant to say - following a day of mellow early labor.


So don't forget to come back to the boards and check on me in mid January!  haha

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I don't have any really strong predictions, but I kind of like the 19th for a birth day. I think she will be just over 8 lbs and have a lot of hair. I come from a family of women with pretty quick labors, so I am going to say about 12 -14  hours or so of labor. I also have the feeling that it will rain the day she is born. 


Apparently my midwives have had a baby born on Christmas every year since they have been in practice together, which worries me. I really don't want her to be born on Christmas. They have another mom due on the 21st, so I am volunteering her for the Christmas baby! Lol!

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I have the same issue as kel - new dad/DNA, so who knows. BUT...


12/4/12, late night birth, girl, 8.5 pounds, and REALLY hoping labor will be shorter than my last one, which was my shortest labor at 11 hours.... So wanting to go into labor evening of the 3rd. We have a slight chance of a red-head here, too, which I would loooove.... with my dark eyes though, although red hair with DP's greyish eyes would be quite striking :)

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my "official" edd is the 21st, but by my chart it's the 17th. all along i've had a really strong feeling about going into labor on the 18th. i'm thinking go into labor in the late afternoon or evening, labor through the night, with a morning baby. that part isn't premonition, just would be a lot easier on dd to still be cuddled to sleep by mama and then wake up to go visit her baby sister. i was induced with dd and labor was 13 hours from first contraction to baby, so i'd love 7-8 hours this time, but have no idea since last time there were drugs involved.

dd was 7lb9oz and 20" at 39 weeks, and this baby has felt bigger all along. i'm thinking at least 8lb and change, and 21-22". i know she is long just by looking at my stomach when her feet are sticking out one side and her butt on the other.

can't wait to see if any of our predictions are right :)

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Originally Posted by kel View Post

So don't forget to come back to the boards and check on me in mid January!  haha

I won't forget about you!! That was me three years ago....in the August DDC and with a baby that was born September 13th waaaay after everyone had their babies! I won't leave you here by yourself! orngbiggrin.gif

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Dec. 12th would be convenient. It's the first of 3 days off for DH and I'll be 39 & 4. DS was born at 39 & 3. If not the 12th, I have a slight feeling about the 17th. I feel quite a bit smaller than I did last time, so I think this baby will be on the small side at around 7 lbs and 19 in. Last labour was during the day, but I think this one will be at night.

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Six hour long labor starting early morning of the 22nd, with a weight right around 8 pounds, and 21 inches. :) This would be ideal! We shall see......

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I say: single digit birthday in month of december. under 12 hour labor. my hopes are that i start labor in the morning and labor through the day time and birth when it is dark. in the tub a lot maybe a water birth--DD there holding my hand as her brother/sister is born. BIG 10-11lb baby boy either bald or with reddish hair like I had when I was born. looks like Jocelyn {who is a clone of her dad}. has an interesting birthmark somewhere.....

oh yea, i feel lke maybe my water will break either at onset of labor or in the beginning--I feel like this kid is so big and active that he/she will break my water and that is how labor will start although I don't really want that to happen...unless it followed by a fast and furious labor, which for me would be anything under 12 hours!is 

EDIT on 12/3:

I am amending this to between dec 12-december 18--haha--just a new feeling, but who knows!

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I don't have a lot of premonitions going on but I would love for this baby to be born on the full moon, December 28th (EDD is the 25th). Dd1 and ds are both born on the 28th (May and June) and that would make an interesting trifecta :)


My midwife said tonight she feels like this baby would be well under 7# if born in the next week or two. I am definitely smaller right now than I was with the others but I still have 4 weeks to get a good growth spurt in! Ds was 7# 1oz at 34 weeks and dd1 was 9# even at 41 weeks so big babies are my usual. If I go to the 28th I would expect somewhere in the 8# range (smaller than dd1 and bigger than ds).


All I can picture is this baby looking just like dd1. Same sets of dna (not so for ds) and they're both girls so I have no imagination when it comes to hair/no hair, hair/eye color, features and the like.


I'm hoping for a quick-but-not-too-quick labor. Ds was 24+ hours (from water breaking and waiting for ctx to begin) and dd1 was 1.5 hours start to finish (with a half hour "early" labor that I totally missed). Can I get 2 hours out of this one?

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geez, Jakesmama--what a totally different experience you have from 1 to the other there! I wouldn't have many predictions with that kind of variance either!! haha 

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I'm going to guess 12/25 or 12/26, 8 lbs 3 oz, 21" long, about six hours of "real" labor.
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Lol would it be cheating to change my predictions now (having contrax as we speak) hahaha!
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