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here we go: try garage sales and second hand stores.  You can get lots of baby basics cheaply that way. I got lots of things for my first that way, since we don't live near family or friends for hand me downs. That will allow you to save money for the things that you want to get new.
Thanks smile.gif . I just need to keep figuring out what i need.
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It is officially called a "sprinkle" (instead of a shower, get it?), and I think it is appropriate if you frame it as you suggested like "welcome baby" and write "no gifts" or "gifts optional" on the invitation.  Here is where I learned about it: http://www.ohbabycakes.net/blog/baby-shower-etiquette-baby-shower-for-second-baby/


Congratulations on the baby! Very happy for you.

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I want a baby shower because I see it as a celebration, but also because I loved buying my friends things for their babies and feeling like a part of it all. 


However, my SO seemed shocked that I would want something like that since we can afford all the baby things ourselves.


Can I even get him to see it's not about the money?


And even if we can technically afford it, it's nice to get a little help. My student loans are about to be due and this babe is delaying my first year as a teacher so money is about to get a good bit tighter! 


Also, I think I will end up throwing it for myself because I don't have anyone obvious to do it (my mom lives far away, and my best friend is a man... LOL). 


Oh, and I like the idea of a Sprinkle!! 

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i think it is ok to throw your own. Even if you can afford all the things. If you throw it, at least you will be paying for all the food etc... Plus, like you said it is a celebration.... And maybe you won't even get that many gifts... Or on the registry you could register for the smaller stuff, like lotions, creams, rattles, diapers, wipes etc, and get the bigger stuff yourself, if that would make your SO more comfortable.
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