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How many TOTAL months have you shared a family bed with your children?

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Earlier in the year we did a thread asking mothers how many TOTAL months they've breastfeed and the response was amazing! So many mamas with so many months - years! - of breastfeeding to their credit!


So, that got me to thinking about how many months I have shared sleep with my children in our family bed. I've shared sleep with my kids over the past 264 months! familybed2.gif


I'd love to find out how many months of cosleeping our community has accomplished to date. We'll run this thread through the month of December and see what total we get at the end of the year.


Do tell! How many total months have coslept? love.gif

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14 months and counting! Oddly, she is 14 months old now... winky.gif
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Counting the months chronologically, that's 94 months.  


Counting each child separately (though I don't know how, we are all tangled up!) that is:


DD1: 94 months

DD2: 75 months


For a grand total of 169 months, and counting.

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My numbers aren't that high. I found that I couldn't bedshare in the later months of pregnancy, and never had more than one of my kids in bed at a time - too crowded and it had too much impact on our (me and dh) sleep patterns. But:


DS1: 14 months

DD1: 23 months (roughly - not sure, but that's close)

DS2: 24 months, almost exactly

DD2: 27 months.


DD2 is an approximation, because we moved her out of our bed about that age, but she spent about half the night with us for several months after that.


So, 88 months rough total.

DD1 shouldn't have been with us as long as she was. She slept better on her own, even though I hated to admit it.


ETA: We also might have gone longer with some of the younger ones, if I didn't already have ds1. I'm more than willing to take other activities out of the bedroom...but that's a lot more complicated when there's a teenager around, yk?

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This one's a bit trickier than the BFing one...


Ds1 wasn't brought to bed with me until one extremely desperate night around 3mos old but then never went back into the crib.  He got his own bed around age 3 but would end up in my bed at some point in the night.  When he was 4yo I got married (not his biodad) and so he got his own room and stayed there for the 3yrs of my marriage.  At age 7 he spent a lot of time co-sleeping due to being upset abt exdh leaving and bc I was pg w/ds2 and ds1 needed to top-up on mommy-time.  But then when ds2 came aong, ds1 didn't want to crowd into a queen sized bed with us, so he was in his own bed full time again.  Ds2 slept with me consistantly until age 4.5yrs, then went to his own bed, then a few years later his mental problems got much worse (bad sleep disturbances and funky body clock) and now I wake up to find him in my bed much more often than I would like...and since he's 10yo now, I pretty much would not ever like him in my bed anymore.


So...I would go insane trying to calculate months, but Ican say it's been the better part of 18yrs that I've had at least one little person next to me.

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7 years + 1 month= 85 months familybed2.gif and going

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Only 30 months so far but the 2.5yo is showing no signs of wanting to move to her own room and we've just added a very snuggly newborn so I imagine we'll have a family bed for a long time yet :-)
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110.5 plus 45.5 = 156 glorious months of bedsharing!  orngbiggrin.gif  In all honesty though, I'm not sure if I should count the last 3 months or so.  We've been putting them to sleep in their room, but they are almost always in ours before I'm asleep, often before I go to bed.  I have to admit that I'm kind of enjoying being able to lie in bed and read before they come in.  If anything, having them in their own room has made, uh, intimacy more of a long shot.  We never had to worry about them getting up in the middle of the night to come into their own room.  lol.gif

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Bumping up for attention. Anymore family bed folks with total months to contribute? shy.gif

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20 months and counting. I really like having my little guy with me so I'm in no hurry.....that convertible crib is a lovely place to stack sorted laundry anyway......

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62 months and counting.... he's 62 months old today, lol.

sounds weird to describe a 5yo in months instead of years
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21 months ..actually we started co-sleeping on accident and realized it was the way to go. we love it!!!

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7 1/2x12 + 4 3/4x12 +10  = i need a calculator , approx 154 (dont have calculator)

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I don't have a lot of months to contribute, my LO is only 3 months...but 3 months!

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64  months since ds entered our lives and dd's 1 and 2 were  no less interested in snuggling with us!

dd2 is always with us with at least one other that turns up halfway through the night!

I really wouldn't have it any other way

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Our little guy will be just over 2 months by the end of December- so 2 months smile.gif

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72 months but that is only counting one of the young ones, there are a total of 7 of us in the bed. And loving every minute!!!

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505mommaof5 - we had two king size beds - wall to wall - when we had three kiddos in our family bed. I loved it too and still miss having them all with me! :)

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DD1- 54 months

DD2- 27 months

Total-81 months


Although, the last 27 months both girls have been in our bed.... so, in reality we have only been co-sleeping for 54 months.  We are due with #3 in Feb. and he will join our family bed!

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