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Pre natal vitamins. What kind do you like?

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Hi ladies.

Im just curious what kind of pre natals your taking. Im not a big pill person but since im still nursing and pregnant I think I should be more pro active as to what kind of vitamin Im taking. Ive been taking what my Nurse Midwife gave me but they are really expensive. Im also wondering about 'Whole Food' vitamins and if they are better etc...

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I take Metagenics Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy (about $50/month).  They are packets of 6-8 pills /day but they are supposed to be one of the best - includes fish oil, choline, cal/mag.  I wouldn't choose to take this number but the person who gave them to me says that at delivery the drs have never seen such healthy umbilical chords.  

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I'm taking new chapter organics prenatal and they taste nasty and smell bad. So, I wouldn't recommend those though what's inside is supposed to be pretty good. I have to force them down. 


I've heard good things about the Garden of Life raw prenatals. I think I may go back to the Rainbow Light ones because they have more nutrients in them than the new chapter brand and it's only one pill a day vs 3. I also take a bunch of other supplements, milk thistle, d3, cal/mag, ferrocel iron, b6, b12, fish oil and digestive enzymes.

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I'm taking vitamin code raw prenatals. They can be opened and poured into food, not that I do that, but their b vitamins are the only ones I have ever been able to take on an empty stomach- so I thought I would try their prenatals. No stomach problems from them. Thankfully. They are about $42 a month. I actually feel better taking them now than I was before.

Also drinking nettle, alfalfa, oatstraw, and rose hip tea, occasionally taking extra magnesium, milk thistle, b12, b6 and vitamin D and floridex liquid iron.
Sheesh. All written out like that. Looks like a lot for a gal who didn't take even a prenatal last time (they made me really sick)
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I was taking new chapter organically but the. Morning sick was kicked in and even opening the bottle makes me gag. They stink! Doesn't matter because I can't keep anything down anyways.

So now I don't know what to do. I may try to find a quality gummy vitamin, if it exists. Pill swallowing is too much for me right now.
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I'm taking Rainbow Light Prenatal One, very quickly with some Fish Oil. I take it after I eat and try to distract myself right after wink1.gif Affordable and food based. I think the bottle of 150 was on sale at the co-op for around $20.

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I am not taking a prenatal per se. I am taking Vitex to hopefully prevent a miscarriage and I take vitamin A, D calcium citrate, folic acid and spray magnesium oil liberally. I just researched what I really needed during the first trimester and since I already had it on hand I am going to stick with it. I probably wont do a prenatal since they are so pricey and I prefer to get my vitamins from food sources. I get my b vitamins from Kombucha and other fermented foods that I eat and as soon as I can stomach them again I will start my red raspberry/nettle infusions.
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I am taking the free prenatals. You guys are paying SO MUCH MONEY. My doctor said that both Walmart and Meijer will give the the prescription prenatal vitamins for free. so that is what I am taking. They are prescription though, so your doctor has to call them in. 

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I'm taking drugstore brand prenatals, about $15 for a pack of 100. They are big but I have to take pills with food anyways so it doesn't matter. I have this weird thing where I know the pill is in my mouth and I can't just swallow a swig of water. I sputter and cough and the water goes down but the pill stays. Give me a pea, let me chew it and I can put a pill on top of it that's 20x bigger and I get it down easy on the first try lol. I'm weird *shrug*
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I actually don't mind spending money on a high quality supplement, especially one that I am sure I'm digesting and doesn't make me sick. Bonus! And I am grateful that we are able to afford the $40 a month for a good prenatal vitamin.
About fifteen years ago I was really into supplements and started focusing on my digestion and put one of all my vitamins in a dish of vinegar and another dish of water to test solubility and the majority of them were still whole- the next day. So then I started looking into food sources more seriously, picking my few supplements with more care and spending my money of good food instead of pills.
What I have heard is that you want your water dish to start disintegrating within 30 minutes and the vinegar to be nearly gone in two hours. If straight acid can't do it it's probably not happening in our stomachs either.
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Sorry for the essay, I geek out on stuff like this, it's a sickness.
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I am also on the vitamin code raw prenatals and they seem to be easy to take right now.  I spread the three pills out throughout the day at the beginning of meals and take 1g of fish oil at the same time.   I am enjoying the Aviva Romm pregnancy infusion tea (with nettles, rosehips, etc   steeped for at least 2 hrs or overnight) that I try to drink throughout the day.  I try to have a smoothie with whole fruit and greens once a day or everyother day with my kids.  I snack on hard vitamin c candy when my stomach feels really blah.

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I agree that the cost of supplements are high.   After taking these vitamins for a few weeks without trouble (so far I am at week 5) I have been comparing prices with online retailers.  My whole foods grocery store has them for sale at top price.

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Rainbow light is the cheapest whole food prenatal. I wouldn't take your average prenatal from off the shelf or prescribed by the doc. Unless they are food based, they most likely aren't doing much for ya based on my research. 


Kalista: I took prenatal gummies from vitafusion with my last pregnancy in the first trimester. They don't have all the nutrients of others, but they are tasty and at least it is better than nothing. 

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I'm taking some brand with dha, they are red and a large gel type capsule.. meaning I cant cut them in half.  Its no coincidence that the 2 times I've taken them I've thrown up shortly after.  I don't know what to do now, I still have some regular chalky kind left over from my last baby that I could cut up


Its the iron that is so hard on your stomach I think

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I'm taking Sisu prenatals right now. I'm still nursing and pregnant and feel better taking the extra vitamins right now too.
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I should add that I have the Rainbow Light Vit D gummies that I am supposed to take as well and those are the things I can't get down usually!


So funny and wonderful how different we all are winky.gif

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I am trying some New Chapters, so far so good. Hope they are worth it. Curious if they would pass the vinegar dissolving test..oh, and this got me thinking about herbs, b/c my obgyn had me get off all my herbs due to endometriosis concerns since i was getting worse. I want to look into getting started on something now, igve upup my lemonbalm after looking into it on web.md.com b/c its already in the prenatal so i didnt want to have too much. Still a little worried about the prenatal herbs. Everytime i try nettles or alfalfa i get a little itchy face..? Right now i need to focus on increasing my water, just though tasty teas might help. How big of a deal is it if i am not getting enough? Heated question. I just have trouble drinking when i am queasy then i amp it up.at night . I merge all questions prenatal, food water, essentials, right?! I hope we all get what we need from these things.
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I'm having trouble drinking water too. Think I should make iced tea. That seems to be easy to drink.

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Thanks for all the replies. @ here we are it's really important to get plenty of fluids! Especially in the later months. Dehydration can cause painful Braxton hicks contractions and issues with labor. I really enjoy iced teas. There are some tasty herbal brands out there. I love Rasberry Zinger (does not have red read leaf in it) but tastes great. Plain ole water kinda makes me gag too right now.
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