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Week 5 seems 'easier' than week 4

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My feelings of nausea are less noticeable this week, but I still feel a few moments during the day where I think eating food or sweet hard candy 'help' me.   I also am still getting extremely tired around 2pm.   Anyone else feel a little relief in their symptoms but still have a healthy sticky bean?   I remember worrying about this with baby #2 a lot.  I would feel guilty whenever symptoms of nausea went away after 13 weeks.   I have been better about hydrating and taking prenatals.  

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I have read that it is normal for symptoms to come and go. With that said, I did lose my symptoms with my missed miscarriage but it was so long ago I am not sure what went first or even if I felt sick the whole time. Again, with my dd that was 5 years ago so I cant remember how that one, my only pregnancy to make it to full term, felt during the first trimester. I wish I had some comforting advice but I don't even know what is going on myself!
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Same happened to me. For me a BFP = symptoms, I'm sure much of it is in my head as I sort through my body's readings... nausea, bloodhound nose, dark nipples, bloating. Then I stop obsessing so much and this week I feel completely normal. Though my bra fits much nicer ;)


I picture pregnancy as a boat ride for my body. There's so much ebb and flow, energy chasing around, reallocation of resources, increased blood flow. If you're noticing a brief respite I say enjoy it! I always run a bit nauseous pregnant and just count down to the magic of placental hormone production.

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Today I had a good 2hrs or so of nausea to remind me that I really am preggers.....  this is a rollercoaster!   

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I keep feeling like I don't feel pregnant enough sometimes. I understand. I think I felt worse with my other pregnancies than this one, so it makes me think that maybe something is wrong, but I guess it's not the best indication of anything. So, who knows. It's hard not knowing. 

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Thank you for posting this.  I have been experiencing the same thing, and over the past few days, have had moments were I felt certain, just certain, that I'd lost this pregnancy (I had two miscarriages prior to DS being born in 2011) because I'm not as nauseous as last time, my boobs were MORE sore last week, etc.  I'm glad to read this, and another thread in here that talk about each pregnancy being different. Sometimes LEAGUES different, it appears.  I'm much less nauseous this time (I AM still nursing my 14 months old, and someone else mentioned that nursing may lessen morning sickness), and I swear that the tenderness in my boobs changes on almost an hourly basis.  Even though I feel extremely neurotic, it's nice to know that there are other mamas out there going through this uncertainty too.  I think I am going to get an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy viability and a heartbeat around 8 or 9 weeks (so, in two weeks for me) just to ease my anxieties.  Until then, pregnancy affirmations it is...

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