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Baby Allison is here :)

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She's screaming right now, so this will be short. Allison was born on November 26th, healthy, 7 lbs, 5 oz. We came home last night and are hoping my milk comes in fast. I'll update with birth story later.
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Congrats!  Can't wait to read the birth story!

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Yay!  Whata cute name, congrats and enjoy your baby!

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wonderful, congrats! looking forward to reading the whole story :)

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Yea!  Congratulations!  My best friend is named Allison and my daughter's best friend is named Allison.  GREAT name.  :)

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It ended up being a 2 day pitocin induction due to the high blood pressure. Nothing really got going with the pitocin induction until the 2nd day around 9am when the OB broke my water. After that it was 12 very intense hours. I'm very thankful for my doula and my fiance for all they did to get me through it. I needed a lot of attention and very physical counterpressure on my hips and back. I thought that as a third pregnancy, this would be easiest, but in reality it was the longest and most painful. When I was finally ready to push, it came all at once. The doctor was still 8 minutes away and people wanted me not to push. I still haven't figured out how you don't push. The doctor made it just in time to do his part.
I'm very glad that I made it through a vaginal delivery, but I have a totally new compassion and understanding for women who choose epidural and/or planned C-section.
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Yeah, I have no idea WHY they tell moms not to push, sometimes you truly cannot help it!! You made it through though! Congrats on baby Allison!!

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With my first child, I had back pain. With my 2nd child, the pain was more in my hips. With this third child, the labor pain was terribly intense in both my hips and back. I didn't know how the doula would address that. She ended up using a moby wrap (calling it a rebozo), wrapping it around my hips and working with baby-daddy to squeeze all the way around. It helped my hips and backs. I had to cue them as to how hard to pull, and it seemed pretty hard. My fiance was afraid that they were going to damage my lower back, but I don't think they did.
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Congratulations--welcome, Allison! She has a beautiful classic name.

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