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No options with my 18 month old.

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Hello everyone. I have the fairly common problem of my 18 month old co-sleeping girl wanting to wake and nurse 5-6 times a night. I have been pregnant or nursing for 5 years and I am ready for some sleep. I love nursing her and would happily continue once or twice a night but it seems to be getting progressively worse instead of better. Our complicating factor is that if I don't nurse her and attempt to rock or cuddle or pat her back to sleep and she cries for more than a few minutes she will throw up. She has done this since she was tiny and I thought she would be growing out of it by now. She has a very easy gag reflex and the way to make a bad night worse is to be covered in throw up. I sometimes worry that there may be something wrong, but ultimately know that she is a health, strong girl with an easy gag reflex and she is OK. I feel like I have no options. My man will not help at nights because he has a dangerous job in which he has to be on his toes during the days. I feel like I am beginning to resent night nursing because I feel like I have no other option. I am amazed by my level of functioning despite being sleep deprived, but would like to break out of the zombiefied fog sometime soon. Has anyone else experienced this with their toddler? Suggestions? thanks.

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Up until recently my DD was up a ton too but a lot of it had to do with her needing to pee. Have you tried to have her sleep in her own space? Some kids do better there. One easy thing to try would be to nurse her on a mattress on the floor and leave when she's asleep. If she wakes, go to her of course but sometimes kids stay asleep better if not right next to a parent. You can try this in your room even, just not being in the same bed can make a difference. My DD is down to waking once a night if I'm awake to put her in her crib. If we sleep together, she's up at least 3 or 4 times. White noise also helps: I keep a fan running in her room. Hth
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I wish I could post with advice -- but instead I'm posting to let you know I'm in the exact same boat, jolliges.


My nineteen-month-old son wakes multiple times a night to feed, and he's done it...for...forever. I'm so sleep-deprived it's amazing I haven't, you know, brewed oatmeal in the coffee maker or fed the cat the coffee beans, etc. (He also has this SUPER-annoying new habit in which, if he's not nursing, he wants to have one hand on my bare breast and play with my nipple until he falls asleep. If I stop him or cover myself, he throws a tantrum and wakes up.)


I am going to try the mattress-on-the-floor ideas for just the baby. He hates his crib and just seems to have a Jedi sense of when he's been placed in it, even if he's asleep.


I think he might sleep better if I wasn't right next to him. Thank you skycheattraffic! We are going to have to try this.

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The crib worked great for us in the beginning but she's "strong with the force" too lol. Half the time I just can't transfer her and it's driving me crazy. We are getting a mattress for her but it's just not quite done yet. We are so busy with stuff and I just can't move dressers and stuff while pregnant. Soon though. Soon! I hope it helps for your LO Bella.
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