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Swelling with pitting?

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Blah. I hope this is nothing... but I've been having swelling in my ankles for a couple weeks. Not bad, but noticable to co-workers even. Yesterday I didn't feel well and took at nap after work (not that unusual). Wen I woke up my socks left a pretty good impression on my ankles and they were no-show socks. I've stopped wearing ankle socks because they left purple marks on my ankles.

I was talking with a friend on the phone last night and she asked if I pressed into my ankle did it leave a mark. So, I pressed... huh.gif WOW! I've never seen anything like that nor had I heard of 'pitting edema'. Huh. The kids and I played with my ankles like it was Playdoh! *freaky*


Today I still have swelling but it's much less but the pitting is still there... and I have a headache and just don't feel well so I'm going to the Dr today to be checked. I had pre-e with my first (at 37 weeks) but no problems with my second. I really, really, really don't have to have pre-e or any other 'condition' this time around and I'm only 20 weeks. 


Anyone else with swelling already? Any experience with this pitting?

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I am not experiencing that currently but my doctor does press on my ankles at my checkups. I am glad you are going to the doctor today to get it checked out. 

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Well, my bp is fine! Dr said swelling is fine as long as it isn't accompanied by high bp. I have a headache and want a nap but I'm back at work to finish the day... I have my normal OB appt tomorrow so I'll get checked again.

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Is your bp REALLY fine or just within the range of normal?  Someone close to me had major pre-e with symptoms you describe starting at 20 weeks, with very little rise in blood pressure.  There was a rise, just not enough to set off any flags. 


Personally...if I had swelling and a headache, I'd be hitting the protein hard(er).  Maybe look into Brewer diet.

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Thanks Ethelpea - I printed out the Brewer Diet plan as well as the "weekly spreadsheet" to make sure I'm eating enough of the right things. Doesn't sound hard to stick to except the 2 eggs a day, that'll be new to me. Well, that and Vit A food daily...


BP is usually 100-110/60ish and it was 120/68 the first time and 118/63 the second so normal. I was actually surprised it wasn't high considering how crappy and unsteady I was feeling. I went to the drug store last night and took my BP twice with the machine and first time it was 140/60 and second was 138/63 so I was worrying myself when the machine probably isn't reliable, however I will be testing myself regularly with it for a while and see if I can establish a pattern with it.


The swelling hasn't increased much throughout the day today (still able to push and cause pitting) but my headache is still with me.

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BP does sound a little on the high side, for you.  Just stay on top of things as it seems you are. 

I can just say that this doctor completely missed the boat on this person with pre-e symptoms sans high blood pressure.  Both mother and baby were critical (both are perfectly fine now, this was 7 and a half years ago).

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