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Soothing Breakfast

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Cold, raw oatmeal with fruit. Yep. 






My mom told me she's been eating this to lower her cholesterol, and made me a bowl when she was visiting. At first, I thought it sounded kinda weird, but it is so gentle on a queasy, hungry, pregnant stomach that I felt like I had to share the revelation! 


Take about 3/4 cup rolled oats and pour water over them until there's a half-inch or so of water covering the oats. Stir whenever you remember over the next 1/2 hour or so while doing other things. Add berries and honey to taste and enjoy! 


I was dubious, because I find cooked oatmeal to be pretty gross, but this method side-steps that oozy-gooey-ness that used to turn me off. It's the easiest thing in the world, and frozen mixed berries work great as a sub for fresh berries in the winter. Just microwave them for 1:30min to defrost before mixing into the oats. 

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I looked this up because it sounded weird to me but apparently it's pretty popular. One website recommended letting it sit for at least 2 hours or overnight in the water. The only problem would be that some people have trouble digesting raw oats. It can cause gas and indigestion. I've got enough of that being pregnant already, but it does sound tasty.
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Considering how soft it gets in just 30mins, I would think overnight soaking would make it mushy, but to each his own!

And in terms of digestion, this floated down into my belly like a soft cloud of satisfaction and improved my stomach issues (usual indigestion/gas combo!) even though I normally do have issues with tough raw stuff, like carrots.

All I can say is every belly is it's own universe, but this seems to work for me, so I hope it helps others too.
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I soak it overnight. Yes, it gets sort of a gummy texture, but I add a little extra liquid in the morning (I mix milk and water) -- and it's just a different/delicious food. I usually add nuts in the morning too.

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