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Treating a UTI naturally?

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My 12 yr old dd is getting a stinging pain while peeing and noticed a small amount of blood.  She has no fever and doesn't feel bad otherwise.  I certainly don't want to leave this too long but I would like to treat this naturally if possible, any suggestions?

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My midwife had me taking grapefruit seed extract and then when I couldn't stand that she had me take apple cider vinegar.  I can't remember the dosage on the GSE, but I want to say 10 drops in a glass of water, 3x a day.  The ACV was one "shot" 3x a day.  Make sure it's the good stuff, with mother.

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d mannose always works great for me. most of the time within an hour. hth

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If you can obtain frozen or fresh cranberries the juice is quite bitter but a glassful resolved my symptoms within an hour. That was the end of my UTI. Same as pp.
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imo, blood in urine or stool should always be checked out.


d mannose has been a gift from the heavens for us. my 7 yr old is prone to utis. she'll be in pain and get almost instant relief from d mannose, and it won't return. it's the active ingredient in cranberries. you can buy it in caps or powder. regardless of what form we get it in, we stir it into yogurt.

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I did the Dmannose for almost a week and it helped her feel better but didn't take it away.  I took her to the doctor and got her a prescription for antibiotics as I had to go out of town for the week hoping she wouldn't need it but I guess when I was gone it was getting worse so my dh started her on it.


This is really hard on me, I have never needed antibiotics before and I am 40 years old!  Neither of my girls have ever had any prescription drugs before so this is a little hard to swallow.  I would take any suggestions on the best products to restore her intestinal flora and health now please!!!

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