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Oh, and here is my 19 week picture!



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Originally Posted by Sweet Huck View Post


I had to share because it's just too funny...  but it does bring up an interesting phenomenon of daddy/partner-bellies!!!






I would share this w/ my DH, but I'm afraid he'll be traumatized.  

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LOL I was almost traumatized LOL but I did share with DH and he said bottom left takes the cake LMAO

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Sweet Huck- where did you find that photo?!? My husband and I are rolling on the floor laughing!
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My vote goes to the upper left guy.
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It was zipping around my facebook feed as something to promote "Australian Beer Day" or something like that. Regrettably, there was no link associated with it or an artist... I would share that if I could! I haven't been able to find the picture through any other source, either.

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19 weeks 5 days
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Sweet Huck, I found the photo on google images. My husband posted it on Facebook and wrote "it's a boy!". His friends got a good laugh out of it.
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Here I am at 20 weeks. My sister claims she can't see a different in my belly. geez! I wonder if she just always envisioned me with a beer gut or something.

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Ahaha, that's funny because you are most definitely sporting a baby bump! I have never seen a beer belly look that round (well, except maybe in that daddy bellies photo collage)
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23 weeks! I know my due date is May 29 but I just couldn't imagine leaving the June DDC!! smile.gif


Everyone is looking great!
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My latest picture 18w1d ... I figured this was a good "stay at home today" outfit LOL


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You look so cute and comfy!
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I was just going back and enjoying all your updates too Kitteh <3  Thanks!!!  DH just asked if I would come to the fire station for dinner tonight and I laughed and said I had on my "I'm staying home today" outfit and he was like ... "Um, so you're in sweats??"  I said nope, and I think it's cute but you may not LOL.  I do at least have my hair and makeup fixed :)

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Dude, I wish my staying at home outfit looked as cute and stylish as that! I'm currently wearing plaid pajama pants, a sports bra that has lost most of its elastic from dd yanking it down to get at the "nur-nur," and a ratty old v neck T that used to be cute, but now it has bleach and paint stains, and maybe a small hole or two. Oh, and its a pre-pregnancy shirt so my guts hang out the bottom sometimes!

If you hadnt said that was your at-home outfit I never would have known!
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ok, here I am at 20 weeks in my ratty pajamas!


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Tenk! Love your stay at home outfit too! How stylish! Plus your belly is super cute!
Kitteh!! I love how your belly goes straight out. Love love love it!
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Originally Posted by CraigBerrow View Post

​Son has a Winged Scapula:


I'm so sorry to hijack your thread, and please forgive my direct approach. The reason for my post and indeed the membership I have taken on this site is due to post you made back in 2005 regarding Winged Scapula. I wondered if you would be as kind to share your experiences and for any advice or guidance you could spare. My 11 month old son (Harrison John Berrow) has been diagnosed by our GP and we are waiting to speak with the pediatrician, I want to ensure that we do all we can for him. Many thanks Craig 

Hi Craig,

I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. I have private messaged you through Mothering.com. Please log-in to see it.

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Originally Posted by kitteh View Post

ok, here I am at 20 weeks in my ratty pajamas!




Kitteh, you have an impressive bump now!  I think we should start a PJ belly pic club!   Or the Pa-belly-jama club then we could call it  *PBJ!* yummy.gif

Sorry, I guess I must be hungry again.....

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Mmmmm... Pb&j. My DH makes breakfast for the fam every day, and its always the same thing--eggs and deli sliced turkey (mine is microwaved to death beforehand) on toast topped with avocado, and toast with a blueberry spread. One day he ran out of butter so he put peanutbutter (not sure how that's a butter substitute, but whatever!) under the blueberry spread and I was over the moon. So now he does it every morning. Essentially, I eat pb&j for breakfast every day. LOL.

Loving these bellies mamas! Keep em coming!
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