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No pictures yet, but I definitely have a baby bump now.  I am 12 weeks and now there is a clear protrusion.  Today was the first time my pants felt a bit snug, too.  And so it begins ...


UPDATE: I just bought a bellaband - I hope I like it!


 I'm a bit freaked out because my expansion is happening earlier than I ever anticipated. I'm about 13 weeks, this is my first baby (there's only one in there). I've gained only about 3 lbs... but I've got a serious bump going on. My midwives aren't concerned--- but I can't help but worry about my weight/size when this doesn't seem like the norm for most pregnant mamas! Is my body just changing at a different rate than most...and is that okay? Am I just ridiculously bloated..!?


I've given up on the bellaband and rubberband tricks-- they lasted me about two weeks--- and was desperate enough this past weekend to spring for some maternity pants. They are a bit big, I use the bellaband to keep them more snug around the waist, but they fit in the right places and are flattering. I am a much happier camper. Maybe I can get a pic up later.

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Sweet Huck, if you only gained 3 lbs, I wouldn't worry. Some people do show sooner than others when they have their first. There is no definitive norm. I showed earlier with my first, but I also ate too much/gained too much, so I may not be the best example. :) But, I've heard it can vary from person to person.

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I also showed early with my first and gained about 5 lbs that time in the first tri. They told me that my uterus tilted slightly forward, so maybe that is why? But I preferred showing early to being one of those mamas who doesn't show til 6 or 7 months.
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Sweet Huck - no worries! Embrace the big belly smile.gif Our bodies are all so different. Some women's uterus(es? Is that a word? Lol) are tipped back or forward or sometimes even heart shaped! That'll affect how you pop. smile.gif

And I have STILL not taken a photo! I need to get over my OCD need to do it on the week change day and just DO IT! smile.gif
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It's definitely variable :)  It could be bloat or it could be the way your uterus is positioned.  I definitely wouldn't be worried about 3 pounds though. If you look at the belly pictures, at least in my case, the belly will come and go.  Sometimes it really is baby belly, other times it's "because of baby" belly...because if the baby wasn't there I wouldn't have the belly, even if it's not techinically the baby itself in the bump winky.gif


Here is my 15w3d picture...i think that's when I took it.  I'm almost 16 weeks now though....I don't look much different. 




I definitely have days where I need to wear my old maternity clothes though...other days I am fine with the pants that I have hanging around that are a size up.  Mostly I like to wear pajamas. 

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Originally Posted by amlikam View Post

... but I still feel like a divine fertile goddess


As you should!!!! smile.gif 


Whatever size, these growing tummies are beautiful! 


I'll add mine tonight!

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Today after my workout! 14 weeks! 

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You look great, mama! I was never even close to being that lean pre-baby. Where are you hiding that little peach?
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My bump, my bump, my lovely baby bump. Tomorrow I'll be 13 weeks. I'm carrying 1 baby, this is my first, and I've only gained 3 pounds. Feeling huge, but MUCH more comfortable since I bought maternity pants. My god, I might wear these even when I'm not pregnant!!!    winky.gif





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OMG, that is an amazing bump!! I love it! You look great! That definitely looks like a baby bump :) 

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Ok, this is one of my favorite threads! It makes it all seem so real to see all these beautiful mama bellies!


Look at that baby BUMP Sweet Huck! I can't wait to look like that! I'm eagerly awaiting a big belly, though due to my long torso my midwife says it will likely be a while. 

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I have just BARELY gotten used to this crazy idea that I'm pregnant... and so this earlier-than-anticipated bump has kinda caught me off guard! Been feeling abnormally large, but ya'll just made my self confidence hit the roof! Thanks for the love.



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Huck, you look amazing! Love the bump.

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Huck - it's awesome! No need to feel self conscious anymore. :)

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Great bumps Huck and CrystalMarie!  It is so amazing to see the variety in each woman at different stages of her pregnancy.  Truly marvelous.


I am still leery to document my belly.  As someone else stated earlier, my bump is less of a baby bump and more of a belly bump b/c of a baby ... as in, way.too.many.carbs.in.the.first.trimester!!!!!  My "food baby" protrudes greater than my "baby baby."

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I just realized I'm ocd about photos. I want to take my pictures on the day of the week change (so tomorrow, not today - as I'm 14 weeks on the dot tomorrow). I also want them taken in the same outfit, in the same spot and with my fancy camera.


Here's a phone photo taken in the mirror with my messy room in the background - lol! BUT, I hate saying I'll do something and not do it...


Here's 13w6d:


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Bumping it up SweetMama! Looking FAB!  :)  I was feeling similarly about taking a picture.... but finally I just did it and posted it!

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ha, ha me too...i have been taking them in my bathroom because the bedroom is tooooo messy...i just hope no one notices the toothpaste splatter in my pictures Sheepish.gif.  You look great sweetmama!

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You look great SweetMama! It seems like the phone photos are just the easiest for me. Last pregnancy I got the camera out, then plugged it into the computer and uploaded, edited.. This time however. The phone is proving useful! Lol! My Due date changed to May 25th, but I'll stick it with you guys and the May DDC cuz there's always the chance of going over! Here's my pic for 16w5d

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You all look so great!  And big bumps!  I'm 13 weeks today and just starting to show (but I'm excited about it).  I'm not showing enough for people to know that I'm pregnant (I think that it is easier to conceal in the winter with layers).  I'll post a photo soon! 

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