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Hahaha, yeah she has done the same! Until the milk (or whatever it is that I'm currently producing) runs out on that side, then she conveniently changes her mind. I've been trying to talk a lot about how things will be when baby Amelia comes--how babies need to Nur-Nur all day long because they can't eat big-girl food for a while, and how she is basically just going to nurse and sleep and cry for a while at first, and how we're going to have to make room in the bed for her. Sometimes I think it is going over well and actually being absorbed/processed, and sometimes not so much. Or there are times when Ela will just flat out say the "crib/toys/nur-nur is mines" and I have to remind her that we share in this family. So I really have no clue how adding another is going to play out. I'm envious of you mamas who have already gotten over the second baby syndrome and are already "smoothly" sailing on into "big" family territory (placed in quotes because anything more than 2 kids is seen as a BIG family these days! I grew up with 7 siblings, now THAT is a big family!)

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Oh we had our bumps at first when introducing babe #2. DD insisted that we "put him back" for about as long as a day then she was in love like everyone else. Babes are just too cute not to love.

With love and support from two great parents I wouldn't worry at all.love.gif

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Favorites from my birthday photo shoot. No farm friends this time, trying for a little more fartsy I guess. Had alot of fun, LOVE my belly! Sorry for the overload! redface.gif










And just so you can see where these were taken here are two more.



We are in the process of building a house and the window on the front door made for beautiful lighting.




My son kept himself occupied by counting dead flies in the window the whole time. rolleyes.gif

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Kitteh, love the nursing photo!! I've been trying to get one but it hasn't worked yet...


Bumkin - very well done! They look beautiful...and I love the naked boy counting dead flies, lol

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Ahahah, I love that last shot of the naked baby! So cute. I also love the "reveal" of photoshoot location. It's so funny because the close-up shots look so pretty and serene, and then you pan out and see that you're basically in a construction zone, lol.

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Thanks ladies! orngtongue.gif

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Bumkin! Very beautiful pictures! I also love that your son is naked and counting flies. Adorable!! My son loves to be naked too. But I make him wear underwear at least.. Haha. We will be visiting someone's house and all of a sudden he comes out with no clothes on! Oh well. They can only do it for so long! Lol.
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Thank you!

All four of my boys went al natural' until they were about 3 years old. Makes for EASY potty training I tell ya! thumb.gif

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Love the new pictures, Bumkin!!  And your belly!  Wow, so gorgeous! 

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Thanks! Though I don't think my shadow effect was nearly as pretty as yours by candlelight love.gif 


Ahhh...love these big bellies.

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Here is my belly at 28 weeks. smile.gif


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Looking great Spotty!!thumb.gif I think you've grown quite a bit since your last shot!  Seems like everyone's popping out now orngbiggrin.gif

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Bumkins, it`s much bigger :)


Spotty thumb.gif


My bump:




from the front, a bigger linea nigra


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thumb.gif Whoa Mama!

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Originally Posted by BumkinsMum View Post

Looking great Spotty!!thumb.gif I think you've grown quite a bit since your last shot!  Seems like everyone's popping out now orngbiggrin.gif


Yup, thanks!  I just had my fundal height measured this morning during my 28 week appt ... 28 cm!  Right on target.

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joy.gifYay for healthy babies!!  And beautiful mama's carrying them!joy.gif

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All the wonderful bellies! Everyone looks great. Popping is right!

30 weeks today.

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CrystalMarie! I love the bump (and your tiny little bottom. JEALOUS)
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27 weeks and ready for spring!
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Love the dress, Shanna-cat! And nice bumptitude, CrystalMarie!

Here i am at 29 weeks about to tromp off to a cold and muddy state park for work. Can't wait for the temps to even out a bit!

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