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Beautiful bumps :)


I can`t wait to wear dresses too, but it`s still very cold here in Romania. I still have to wear a pretty warm jacket. Maybe in May...

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I LOVE dresses too, they are so comfortable and airy!!  Everyone looks GREAT, and I just love looking at all these pictures :)

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31 weeks!  Feeling good except for occasional killer acid reflux. 

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What a great belly! And you always look so happy in your photos smile.gif
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Approaching 30 weeks. Went for a waddle this morning at the National Arboretum with Wilber the Beagle and DH. Cherry blossoms were blooming, birds were singing, sun was shining. GLORIOUS.



Now that the weather has changed, I'm down to maybe 3 tops that fit... and this top (which is one of them) is getting tight/short. Ruh-roh!!!

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You are definitely glowing mama! Beautiful Sweet Huck! coolshine.gif    And Wilber is one handsome guy too! winky.gif

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29 weeks!

Me and my two girls smile.gif
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Everyone has beautiful bumps. I love your outfit Kitteh. I understand your predicament SweetHuck. I carefully chose my maternity shirts this time because I have a longer torso. I'm hoping the ones I got will work til the end. Some of the ones at motherhood are a good length for your information. 

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Everyone is so beautiful! joy.gif


Here I am at 28 weeks, just got in the third trimester!





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Beautiful baby bellies ladies!


Kitteh, your daughter looks so excited about your belly, adorable!


Ulybka, you're still in jeans! I'm so jealous. I can't find any at the moment that don't hurt the bottom of my torpedo-- I mean belly!

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Bumkins, well, those are maternity jeans, with an elastic band, and that`s the only pair that fits me Sheepish.gif

When I bought them, at 7 weeks, they were large on me, but now, they fit me perfectly, except the elastic band, I can`t pull it over my belly anymore


This is how they looked on me at 7 weeks, now they`re stretched on my bottom.


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Awesome that you can still fit them! I just outgrew my last pair and can't seem to find any that are as comfortable.  Oh well my yoga pants and skirts are just as comfy until I find some more jeans.thumb.gif

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For those of you interested, I've listed TONS more maternity clothes on eBay and if you find multiple things you like I'd be happy to combine shipping.  My user name is Tenkeveal1 and if you do an advanced search, on the left is "search by user ID" you can find my stuff :)

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My massive baby belly at 29 weeks 4 days... surprised the tattoo hasn't become distorted and surprisingly no stretch marks (yet)... I love just laying here and watching my belly move!
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Originally Posted by JNajla View Post

 I love just laying here and watching my belly move!


I actually videotaped my belly once and then sped it up so you could really see how much movement there was!  True belly dancing I tell ya! bellyhair.gif

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Aww, I'm loving all of these bath shots!~It's making me want to go take a bath... and then take a shot of mah belleh.


Also JNajla how long have you had that tattoo? I had to do a double take to be sure that it wasn't a real life iguana or lizard or whatever you call it.


Also I think I have his baby brother/cousin on my lower belly!


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Nice!!!  I'll see if I have my latest on my computer.  AND this is from our hotel room when we went to Kennedy Space Center 1.5 weeks ago and our darn vacation was cut short by 5 days due to my + FFN and sweet hubs being worried about us :)  The kids sure were sad after coming home so early :(  BUT our Disney tickets have no expiration date so we can use them when sweet baby is here safely  (we plan on going in November this year) and the kids will never be the wiser!!


I too LOVE seeing all the preggy bellies!!  Can you see my belly button sicking out?  This time the entire thing is out instead of just half of it LOL


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Tenk you're so beautiful! Great belly, though it definitely doesn't look like your belly button has popped out, from this shot anyhow. I've seen some that actually stick OUT THERE.
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I've had the tattoo since I turned 18. I've been wanting to get it removed for quite awhile, but there isn't a laser to remove green!

I also still have an "innie" belly button. It's so deep, I don't think it's going to pop out.
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Ahaha, I got my lizard at 18 too!
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