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Never mind
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Originally Posted by Tenk View Post

Thanks mama!!!  We are going to redo our bedroom with grey and white and little by little we are updating.  The comforter is new (from IKEA!!) and eventually we'll sell our furniture and simplify all of it.  It's BIG and heavy!!

Awesome! We have a big heavy bed set as well, we will be upgrading to a King size though, since we wanna fit our new little one with us comfortably! smile.gif
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It looks like you're carrying higher this time too, huh? Pregnant bellies are so wild, how different they can be from each other and how different each pregnancy can be for the same woman. I'm kind of obsessed with comparing mine, it's fun!
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17 weeks.



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Here is my 20 week picture. Halfway already!

My boy is giving some big brother kisses!

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Beautiful picture Mama4life14!  What love that 'big' brother already has for the baby!love.gif

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Thanks bumkinsmom! He is very excited for the baby to come out of my tummy. He has a while to wait still! Haha
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16 weeks - starting to see a little more pregnancy related roundness, finally!


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**Definitely looking babyish to me Sassicaia!    2nd Tri here we come!



Out with the herd today!   Well, the little ones anyway.

Our summer calf, Chocolate was very happy to take get some preggo pictures with me. She's so sweet.love.gif








I wouldn't have posted so many but she was just posing so well for the camera today!  (please show mercy for the purple leopard PJ's)  biggrinbounce.gif

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Oh my goodness! The cow pictures are toooo cute!!
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She just kept nosing my belly and she doesn't usually do that. I think she 'knows' something up with me, animals are so in tune with our bodies sometimes it's scary. orngtongue.gif

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Super cute pictures BumkinsMum!!
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Thanksinnocent.gif My last pregnancy I stood in one boring place, exactly,  every time and it made for a cool belly/growing effect but I just wanted to do some more interesting pictures this time smile.gif


It never ceases to amaze me how different all our bodies look at different times. So cool to see them all growing our little blessings too!

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Love the cow!! OMG, that is priceless! ITA that animals are definitely in tuned with things.  My cat is usually the first one to know that I am pregnant, and she gives me the hint to test. She will come up and smell my breath in early pregnancy and *only* in early pregnancy. Unless I am wearing peppermint chapstick, she likes the smell of that.  She's also a lot more affectionate toward me when I am pregnant.  It's pretty cool!


I am overdue to post a pic, I'll get on it soon!

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That is so interesting about your kitty!

My 18 yr old terrier mix  (my first child) has been through all my births and she always knows when I'm in early labor and she's often in the room when I'm giving birth.  After baby is born she wont leave my chair. Pretty amazing these little critters can be.dog2.gif

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Those cow photos are adorable! I love the one of her sniffing at the belly. Awww.

Here is my 17 week shot
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Oops. Went and showed DS the cow pics. He already asked for a cow this morning. I said maybe goats. Maybe neighbor cows will pose with me. I hope to have one more litter of bunnies before this babe. But I haven't had a bunny pose like that.
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Kitteh! You are looking FAB!! smile.gif
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Look at all of the beautiful bumps! I'm still barely showing at 17 weeks greensad.gif
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Don't worry mama! You're gonna pop SOON and have a FABULOUS belly! joy.gif

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