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December TWW Thread

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This is a place for everyone in the TWW!  Come in and say hello, get some support, ask some questions.  Then come back and let us celebrate your success or give you hugs and encouragement.



Good luck and dust.gif to all!  Let's make some summer babies!




HPT accuracy DPO 
10 dpo : 35% 
11 dpo : 51% 
12 dpo : 62% 
13 dpo : 68% 
14 dpo : 74% 
15 dpo : 80% 
16 dpo : 88% 
17 dpo : 92% 

18 dpo : 99%



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How can it be December already???
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hi, can i join in?

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I agree JoyfamMama. Looking back November went so fast. It felt slow during, but somehow it's December tomorrow.
Well AF started today, so I'll pop in every once in awhile until I'm officially in my TWW.
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I think I was lurking on the last page.  I thought I was in my 2ww a few days ago, but I have continued ewcm (6 days now) and faint cramping for the last 2 or 3.  Perhaps I haven't quite O'ed yet.  Sigh. 

Anyone testing this week?  I need to think about someone else's tests so I don't remember how long it's gonna be before I can take one!

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Welcome.gifdiaperjunkie10!  Good luck to you!

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Well... I guess I won't hear from the Dr until Monday. Ugh!!
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Ugh what a bummer JoyfamMama. I am so anxious to hear the news!
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Officially 3 days late... Every day is torture, knowing the progesterone should have been started already... Hold on til Monday, little baby!
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Good luck JoyfamMama! My sister didn't start her progesterone until at least 6 weeks and I now have a happy 5 month old nephew smile.gif
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Awww, thanks mamamash. I needed to hear that. I have not lost a baby before 5 weeks, but 5 weeks is Wednesday, and I'll admit I'm scared.
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Just stay positive! And call your doc first thing Monday morning!!
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JoyfamMama any word from your doctor??
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I finally called right before noon. Apparently, if it's negative, they think they don't need to call until they get around to it? Idk... Anyway, it is negative still... Doing the math, and working backwards, there wouldn't be any hcg until about 34 days. I'm not that until Wednesday (and we're only talking 1.5 at 34 days, roughly basing it on doubling every 48 hours.) But of course... I look cookoo, and my baby has no more help now than when I was doing this on my own. I'm just going to try to stay on my sugar and keep it low, and pray until next week.

But to top it off, I was texting a good friend (well... Maybe NOTso good) and told her it is like watching a movie play out in front of me, and I can't do anything to change it. She proceeded to text back that "worrying only made it worse and kept the baby from taking, and that I needed to stress less, and quit "trying to" the have more so that God could bless me how he wants to". I. Freaking. Kid. You. Not. This is the same friend who has terrible anxiety issues, and her last pregnancy nearly destroyed our relationship. I held her while she sobbed her eyes out when her numbers weren't where she thought they should he. Never, ever once did I say anything like that to her! Really, it would even be one thing to say that when I'm not pregnant, but when I'm facing the loss of my SEVENTH child... It comes across as cruel, cold and judgemental.
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Ugh! Dang doctors and their need for test results to give you what your baby needs! Are you going back Wednesday to get another blood test?

And, holy s*#%!! What a "friend" she is! That's unbelievable! I don't even have any words. I just cannot fathom why someone would say that to a person, let alone a person who has lost six babies. I'm so sorry!
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When I was pregnant with my daughter and stiff bf'ing someone told me to use wild yam cream to up my progesterone levels. I bought some online but never had to use it (thank goodness) because my levels came back within normal. 

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My coffee tasted yucko on Sunday, like it had a weird aftertaste. I thought I over-perc'd it, but the coffee at work tasted just as bad. I dunno, I drank some the next day with creamer in it and it didn't bother me. Maybe not a preg symptom maybe just burnt coffee, but it was a weird sour-metallic taste. Haven't had it since. Right now I feel like I'm PMS'ing. Moody/tearful yesterday and craving sex today (normal pms symtoms for me). Due to get my period next week if no baby. I've been really tired too, but that is normal for me! 

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Sounds promising, Serenyd! Metallic taste is a common early pregnancy symptom. Fx!


Joyfammama Wow! That's all I have to say about your 'friend.' How very rotten. The kind, understanding part of me wonders if perhaps she's got something going on herself and is not able to hear you and offer support. The unkind part of me thinks she's just a terrible friend. The whole situation is awful and I am so sorry you are going through it. hug.gif


How are you Mamamash?


wave.gifTo all you fellow TWWers! I have stopped myself from posting here so many times recently, as last month I found once I started posting in this thread I became absolutely obsessed with symptom spotting!! I am 8 DPO today. I have been experiencing a lot of pinching/poking/crampy feelings on my left side today. I KNOW I O'd from my right side this month. The discomfort comes and goes, been happening all afternoon. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was ovulating, as it is a very similar feeling, not painful exactly. My magical thinking mind says, this is it! Finally, this is our month. I shall know soon. I am hoping to hold out on testing until Saturday, which will be 12 DPO. The disappointment last month of several BFNs and then getting AF 4 days early was pretty overwhelming.


How are you all trying to stay sane during this trying wait?

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Keep us updated Serenyd! I had awful metallic taste in my mouth with my DD.

Good to hear from you sparklemama. Crossing my fingers for you!!

I'm doing well. Just hanging out waiting for AF to be over. Today is hopefully her last day. But who knows, I haven't had a real AF without BCP in my system in over 4 years. I'm charting this month. First time ever doing that. Little overwhelming. For now I'm just doing temp, CM, and maybe CP if I'm not too squeemish and I can figure out what I am feeling for lol. If I don't get a BFP this month I'll probably do OPK next cycle as well.

Baby dust to all!!
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Joyfammama- Maybe I missed it somewhere, but I'm very confused about your symptoms. You're pregnant? Yet no HCG? HOw do you know you're pregnant? As for your Dr not giving you your results, have you looked into maybe if they have an online program where you can email your Dr and look at your own lab work? I ask this because I was a nurse for OB/GYN up until I was 8 months pregnant with my now 7 month old DS, and we had an online system that many companies now have. Also I still am close with the Dr I worked for and the other nurses. I've never come across someone who has your issues and am curious (not trying to be nosey or insensitive, but always looking to educate myself more). I'm going to lunch this week with my old coworker and can talk to the Dr. I worked for before to see if he can help give me some insight on your issues. I'm very sorry for your losses, I know it's hard.

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